You Need to See How This Bride Had Two Different Looks with Her Ornate Wedding Gown!

Today’s wedding is a mix of grandness and sophistication. The ornate details, the colors of the groom’s suit and bridesmaids’ dresses, and especially the design of the bride’s gown all show that. And speaking of gowns, what’s better than having the wedding dress of your dreams? It’s when you have two in hand, of course! […]

The Look


Exchange Vows Under One of These Beautiful Wedding Arches

It’s so beautiful to see couples promise each other a lifetime of love under a well-styled wedding arch. It frames the epic moment perfectly, making the “I do’s” and the first kiss even more memorable–especially in photos! Today, we’re here to give you more ideas on what wedding arch shape you can go for to […]

11 Local Giveaway Items Your Guests will Not Leave Behind

Giveaways can be a bit tricky. You know what I’m talking about. You don’t want to be one of those couples who choose the most convenient thing just because you couldn’t spare a thought or two on them. Of course you’ll want gifts that your guests will appreciate and bring home with them, right? So what […]

Zara Founder’s Daughter Marta Ortega Got Married in the Most Stunning Wedding Dress

We love shopping in Zara (who doesn’t?). And when Marta Ortega, 34, daughter of Zara Founder, Amancio Ortega, tied the knot, well, we knew her gown was going to be a sure show stopper! As predicted, all our expectations were not in vain. Marta wore a bespoke pale pink Valentino wedding dress, designed by the […]

4 Reasons Why Couples Should Be Excited About Metrophoto’s Opening in Cebu

Cebu has such an exciting wedding industry. The couples who plan their weddings, the suppliers who provide only the best services, and of course, the beautiful area that serves as a scenic backdrop to many a big day are all part of what makes up this flourishing wedding arena. So when one of the Philippines’ […]