Now the Wedding’s Over, I Can FINALLY Bring My Home Pinterest Board to Life!

So you’ve come down from your wedding high. What’s next? Moving in with your hubby of course! Come on, don’t tell us that you haven’t been making a secret furniture board on Pinterest while you were planning your wedding. There are so many different styles and ideas online–modern, minimalist, shabby chic, mediterranean, colonial–the possibilities are […]

7 Ceremony Seating Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Speechless

If you think about it, your ceremony area is where the main event happens. You walk down the aisle, say your vows, wear your wedding bands, and kiss for the first time as a married couple in this sacred space. So why not spruce up the setup a bit, yeah? Today, we’re going to show you […]

What to Wear to Your Summer Engagement Shoot at the Beach

If you’re planning on taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather for your engagement shoot, we are totally for it! The sun, sand, sea, and bright blue sky will be a lovely backdrop for your photos. Do you know what else plays a critical role in your photos? Your outfits, of course! If you’re already […]

These 12 Super Cute Elements Are A Must For Your Beach Wedding

It is officially summer (can’t you feel it in the weather yet?), and besides the halo-halo and the fun activities, summer also means (of course) the beach!!! The sun, the sand, the sea, and the bright blue skies–summer is definitely one of our favorite times of the year. So, in the spirit of summer, we decided […]

How to Make Your Dream Wedding Come to Life

How long have you been dreaming about your wedding? I have to say that I’ve been dreaming about mine since I was maybe six years old? At that time I remember grabbing some of my mom’s flowers, putting a blanket on my head as a veil and pretending to walk down the aisle. I’m pretty sure […]