Inspirations: Browse by Style

Avant Garde

Dare to be different! Who says you can only stick to the norms when planning your special day? Check out our lineup of cool lovebirds that went against the tide.


Looking for ways to doll up your outdoor love feast? You’re up for a whole lot of lace, fringes, feathers, and patterns on this one!


Pre-weddings don’t always have to be uber extravagant. If you’re looking for simple ways to add some pizazz to your engagement shoot, you’re in the right direction!

Classic Romantic

Remember when you were a kid and you just dream about those fairytale kind of weddings and you just seem to swoon with every bit of it? Indulge on them here!


It’s always fun to have bits and pieces of your roots infused in your special day. Here’s how you do it!


Whether you’d like to look like the classic Maria Clara on your wedding day or you’d just like to have Filipiniana accents in your wedding, you’ll surely be in delight with our collection of Pinoy-inspired affairs!


Feast on rad ideas with these hip celebrations that will definitely urge you to kick off your heels and party!


Trying to keep it simple, yet want to create a statement on your wedding day? Be inspired with minimalist setups with adorable accents here and there.


Are you up for some seaside charm? Say “Aye, Capt’n!” and start navigating through these photos of couples who've really found their one true love.

Quirky Charm

A love feast that’s totally unconventional and has a mix of interesting details! Browse this adorable lineup and you might just end up having a quirky wedding for yourself.


If you’re always stuck in the concrete jungle on a daily basis, you might wanna make your special day feel like you’re in the comforts of the countryside.


Summer is a state of mind! Feast on colors and flora as we’ve tons of weddings with gorgeous tropical numbers, and be refreshed with these adorable love affairs.


Are you an old soul? Browse this exquisite lineup of weddings that take inspiration from the past.


Some ideas really just look great when stitched together. Check out this cute lineup of charming love fests, with some fun and eclectic ways to add some flair to your wedding.