What Happens During the Despedida de Soltera

Like the pamamanhikan, the despedida de soltera is part of our culture’s pre-wedding traditions. But the difference between the two is that the despedida de soltera focuses on the bride-to-be. It translates to “farewell to the single life” or “farewell of the single woman.” If the pamamanhikan highlights how the groom officially asks for the bride’s hand in marriage, the despedida de soltera honors how the bride’s family gives their blessing.

Let’s talk more about what exactly is a despedida de soltera and what happens during this meaningful event. Read on!

What Happens During the Despedida De Soltera

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Chi Gibbs Tells Us How Movies and Fashion Inspired the Creativity Behind Her Wedding!

Designer and musician Chi Gibbs finally tied the knot with Anton Cruz after a five-year long engagement. Their wedding may have been pushed back an extra two years, but the wait was worth it. Their special day turned out exactly the way they wanted it to be. How could this wedding not catch our attention? The bride’s fashion that is reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour, the custom bridesmaid dresses with a personal touch behind the prints, and the marvelous museum venue all exude the couple’s creativity, artistry, and meaningful personalization.

On finding inspiration for your wedding, Chi says, “If you want to put a creative spin on your wedding, focus on what makes you unique as a couple. I feel like that is the best inspiration! For me and Anton it was taking inspiration from movies, music and fashion we both love and appreciate. It’s all the more special and memorable when it comes from a place of meaning.”

We were able to talk to Chi and ask for more details about her beautiful wedding! Read all about Anton and Chi’s big day as you scroll through these photos by Mango Red.

Anton and Chi


"In my personal style I take a lot of inspiration from the 50s and 60s, so right off the bat I knew that I wanted to evoke that era. I showed Vania a lot of vintage photos and movie references, which she immediately recognized and understood." Chi, Bride

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This Wedding Proves That Subtle Sophistication Will Always Be in Style

Everything about Gino and Lizzie’s wedding is so tasteful. It is a delight to see a wedding that exudes sophistication without over the top elements. Their dominantly white palette complemented by the low centerpieces oozes elegance. The sleek, green dresses of the bridesmaids are also in harmony with the whole aesthetic of the wedding. Most of all, we love seeing how Bride Lizzie keeps her bridal look simple and glamorous at the same time with her embellished dress, and her hair down in loose waves. Gino and Lizzie’s special day is truly a great example of how to achieve impeccable style with subtle details. Scroll through these photos by ProudRad.

Gino and Lizzie

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A Recap of Fun and Personalized Wedding Gimmicks in 2022!

It has been such a creative year for weddings. We’ve seen unconventional twists, DIY projects, film photoshoots, and many more. It’s safe to say that brides and grooms never run out of remarkable ideas. So, we’re sharing a few of those memorable wedding gimmicks right here! If you’re thinking of ways to add more fun, personalization, and excitement to your own big day, get some inspiration from these weddings.

A Recap of Fun and Personalized Wedding Gimmicks in 2022

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Grilled Cheese Toast and Breakfast for Dinner: This Couple Made Witty Wedding Twists

Ever thought of doing something unique and unconventional for your wedding but don’t know what yet? Felix and Erika’s special day gives you great ideas for a fun-filled event! This couple chose to break away from usual traditions for their wedding, and it started with having their first look prior to the ceremony. A heartwarming moment indeed! For the reception, the lovely couple decided to toast with grilled cheese instead of wine or champagne to put their own witty take on the program. They also chose to serve breakfast food for dinner, and the spread looked sumptuous.

They took their creativity even further as Erika did a lot of DIY projects that added so much personality to their wedding. Among them were the nature-inspired monogram, invitation layout, hand-drawn stickers as a wedding favor, and the calligraphy on the wedding signages.

We hope Felix and Erika’s take on wedding details and traditions will inspire you, too.  Enjoy scrolling through these photos by Owen and Nikka Photography.

Felix and Erika

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