Quiz: Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Tell You How Compatible You Are!

Having someone to have and to hold every single day for the rest of your life is such an exciting adventure!

You do everything together. You lounge on the sofa. You pick out which plates and glasses to use for everyday meals. You share a bedroom. You literally breathe the same air and move in the same space you call home. But what if you open the door to your home and your toes start to curl up at the sight of the bright colored leather sofa your husband surprised you with? Or the odd looking décor in the corner of the living room? Oh, boy, you’re in for an interesting conversation for sure. To keep the peace and to avoid surprises, take this fun compatibility quiz from Crate and Barrel to check if you really are made for each other, style wise!

Note: This Quiz is 2 parts. Part 1 is for the Bride and Part 2 is for the groom. Answer as honestly and quickly as you can!



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An Engagement Shoot Using the Lights and Colors of the Afternoon

Love can be grand in the subtlest of ways: lounging in the house, getting cozy with books, and walking outdoors waiting for the sunset. For their engagement shoot, Russell and Tin spent an afternoon basking in the beauty of their togetherness, their love lit up by the afternoon sun. This engagement set by Mico Studios shows through light, shadows, and colors that love is not always found in the greatest and grandest of gestures; most of the time, it is found in the peace and calmness of simply being beside the one you can’t live without. Enjoy scrolling through Russel and Tin’s beautiful afternoon!

Russel and Tin

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The Look




This Hybrid Bridal Fair Will Give You All the Essentials for Your Dream Wedding

When you enter a Bridal Fair, the goal is to come out equipped and well-prepared to create the wedding you want. Truly, a wedding fair is the place where you should be able to bring home the essentials: a clear planning direction, booked suppliers, a ticked-off to-do list, among others. That’s why the Worldwide Weddings Singapore Hybrid Bridal Fair provides you exactly that! As a seasoned professional, with over 20 years of experience in events, Worldwide Weddings is sharing their knowledge, network of suppliers, and best wedding planning practices.

Since it’s a hybrid bridal fair, this means you’ll have access to the event and all its perks wherever you are in the world, and even if you and your soon-to-be are in different continents. So, save the date: the in-person fair is happening from November 18 to 19 at The Atelier & Co in Singapore. And get ready to be armed with all these planning essentials to make your dream wedding come true. Read on to know more!

This Hybrid Bridal Fair Will Give You All the Essentials for Your Dream Wedding

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How Ready Are You for Life After I Do? Here’s a Checklist!

Your suppliers are booked, invitations are sent, the dress fits, and your rings are engraved. All that’s left to do is to finally get married! But, wait. Amidst the busy schedule while tackling the nitty gritty of wedding planning, have you ever paused to ask yourself: How ready am I to be a wife?

There’s a whole new chapter waiting for you beyond the wedding day. So, we came up with this checklist just for you, dear bride-to-be. Sit back, relax, and have fun ticking-off the boxes! And even if you don’t get to put a check mark on all of them, that’s absolutely okay. Part of married life is discovering new things about each other. But, for now, go over this list and see how ready you are for life after I do!

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Beautiful in White: This Wedding is a Vision of Classic Elegance

No matter what styles or trends may come, the classics will always be here to stay. Josh and Marla’s special day is a beautiful example of why a timeless motif like white never fails to exude elegance. White is a color that has become synonymous to weddings, and it’s not limited to just the bride’s gown either. Luxurious ceiling ornaments, blooms covering almost every inch of the reception space, the intricately designed tiered cake, and all the rest of the details are stand outs in white. If you want to achieve a clean and sophisticated look for your own wedding, you’ll find inspiration here! Scroll through these photos by ProudRad.

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The Look