A Quick Guide to What Tasks You Can Assign to Your Entourage

We’ve established time and again that wedding planning can be time-consuming and quite stressful for the couple, but there are also ways to take some of that load off of you!  The solution is having the right people on your side. Apart from your dependable suppliers, don’t forget that your entourage is more than willing to be involved in your journey to saying “I Do!”

I know this to be true because my bridesmaids expressed their willingness to lend their assistance as soon as I told them they were part of the entourage! Since they know me best, I was assured that I could rely on their help in fulfilling up to the smallest items on the wedding planning to-do list.

If your entourage asks you what they can do to contribute and you’re unsure what task to give them, here’s a quick guide to give you an idea.

A Quick Guide to What Tasks You Can Assign to Your Entourage

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An Intimate Sunset Wedding on an Islet in Bohol

Destination weddings really are back! It’s so wonderful to see couples being able to put together their dream wedding in equally dreamy destinations once more. So, let’s take a look at this wedding on an islet in Bohol. How gorgeous is this place, right? Eric and Ishka even timed their ceremony along with the sunset. The island itself is already beautiful, but together with the colors of the afternoon turning into evening, the view became even more mesmerizing. Eric and Ishka’s wedding is an intimate celebration with just 75 of their loved ones on this cozy location. The pandemic caused this couple to move their wedding three times, so we can just imagine how incredibly joyful and fulfilling it must feel for Eric and Ishka to finally say I Do. See how this lovely islet wedding turned out as captured by Benjie Tiongco.

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Wedding Budget 101: What the Bridal Entourage Usually Pays For

Being chosen as a member of the bridal entourage is an honor given only to a select few from the bride’s close circle. And with that honor comes — you know it — responsibility. The bridesmaids, MOH, even secondary sponsors have all sorts of tasks to accomplish for the wedding. Some of those tasks also have a price tag attached.

Let’s be clear: Entourage expenses are not fixed. It depends on what the bride and her entourage talk about and it will likely be different for every group. So, it’s important for brides to openly communicate their expectations and requests from the entourage early on in the planning stage, especially when money is involved.

To give you an idea about what expenses are typically shouldered by the entourage, here’s a list. Check it out!

Wedding Budget 101: What the Bridal Entourage Usually Pays For

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This Filipiniana Wedding in California is Home Away from Home

The beauty of the concept of home is that it is never confined in a single place. It is the feeling we get from a person or a comfort food, or anything that makes us feel secured, comforted, and loved.

Mark and Angie met during their residency in the United States. Although miles away from the Philippines, their first home, their hearts were set into saying “I Do” honoring Filipino traditions and heritage in a place where there is classic architecture and greenery in California, their second home.

Their modern Filipiniana themed wedding highlighted Filipino elements such as guava mocktails, mango and calamansi macaron cookies, and classic Filipino ice cream cart, among others. Their wedding stationery included embroidery details reflecting that of the barong. Their union brought their family and friends together, a very Filipino way of celebrating! Feel this home away from home celebration captured by Jose Alvarado Photography.

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