This Couple Made Their Fun and Creative Personalities Shine on Their Wedding Day

When you allow yourselves to have fun, let loose, and just stay true to your style, you’ll achieve a unique and meaningful wedding. Take Kev and Aila for example! As an illustrator and designer, Bride Aila took charge of conceptualizing the overall look and motif of their wedding as well as the designs of their invitations, logo, personalized bandanas, and hand fans (which you’ll see with the entourage). Meanwhile Groom Kev made sure everyone was having a good time, and a memorable day! From the bright and beautiful color stories up to the candid and cheerful moments captured in photos, everything spoke volumes about what an incredible pair this couple is.

For a dose of creativity and great vibes, scroll through these photos by Hayag Studios.

Kev and Aila

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This Wedding Was All About Timelessness, Glamour, and Classic Romance

Lynell and Toby’s wedding was the epitome of classic elegance and timeless romance, set against a backdrop of opulence that never overshadowed the genuine love at its heart. Their special day perfectly encapsulated their exquisite taste and the intimate bond they share.

Bride Lynell’s eye for detail shone through in every aspect, from the enchanting ceremony to the stunning reception. The aisle, a dreamscape lined with gracefully lit trees and an enchanting array of candles, created a magical path for her to walk on. The reception was a vision of sophistication, too, where dusty blue hues seamlessly integrated into the table settings. White flowers cascaded from the ceiling to the floor, creating an ethereal garden-like atmosphere. This exquisite styling truly showcased the couple’s impeccable taste and added a tranquil beauty to the celebration.

In essence, Lynell and Toby’s wedding was a testament to their love story–grand yet intimate, opulent yet deeply personal, and above all, a timeless romance that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. Get inspired by their beautiful wedding through these photos by Myio Okamoto.

Toby and Lynell

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Should You Hire a Wedding Content Creator?

In the age of social media, the landscape of wedding documentation has evolved significantly. Alongside professional photographers and videographers, a new breed of creatives has emerged: wedding content creators! These individuals are not just capturing the curated, picture-perfect moments but are diving into the raw, real, and unfiltered behind-the-scenes experiences of a wedding. To understand this trend better, we spoke with two such creators, On The Day Storytellers and Next Day Edit PH, as well as a bride-to-be, Treszka Oliveria, who is considering hiring a wedding content creator for her upcoming vow renewal.

Should your hire a wedding content creator?

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This Events Venue in the Manila Bay Area Has the Charm and Class You’ve Been Looking For

Couples nowadays aren’t afraid to customize their weddings in meaningful, and at times, unexpected ways. But, of course, without sacrificing elegance and style either. In today’s wedding scene, there is so much more room to create, reinvent, and personalize. That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that brides and grooms have become more intentional about choosing key elements and suppliers who will give them what they genuinely want.

As an expert in catering to life’s special milestones, Gallio Events Hall is the type of wedding venue that understands how important it is to evolve and keep up with the current wants and needs of soon-to-wed couples. Gallio Events Hall gives value to versatility, customization, and adapting to your vision, while delivering their brand of charm and class for a truly memorable wedding. Keep reading to know more!

This Events Venue in the Manila Bay Area Has the Charm and Class You've Been Looking For!

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The All-White Motif Makes This Boracay Wedding Look Dreamy!

Beneath the expansive blue of the Boracay sky, July and CJ’s all-white wedding was a serene portrait of elegance and ease. The couple and their entourage, all clad in white, created a striking contrast against the azure backdrop of the sea. Guests echoed the couple’s laid-back vibe, their casual yet stylish outfits harmonizing with the gentle lull of the waves and the softness of the sandy aisle underfoot.

The beach aisle’s gentle bend reflected the unexpected twists of life, a thoughtful detail that echoed July and CJ’s own path to their marriage. Their close-knit celebration was as much about creating a visually stunning experience as it was about nurturing a sense of comfort and closeness.

As the day unfolded, the soft glow of the sun embraced the island, reflecting the couple’s warmth and the relaxed joy of their guests. Take a look at their special day through these lovely visuals taken by Lula Images:

July and CJ

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