11 Local Giveaway Items Your Guests will Not Leave Behind

Giveaways can be a bit tricky. You know what I’m talking about. You don’t want to be one of those couples who choose the most convenient thing just because you couldn’t spare a thought or two on them. Of course you’ll want gifts that your guests will appreciate and bring home with them, right? So what are the things you need to consider when choosing what to give? Here at B&B, we go for useful, unique, and memorable wedding favors that can make your special day linger longer in your guests’ hearts and minds! Need some help? Here are some local brands you can consider.

P.S. – These are also good Christmas gift ideas! You’re welcome!

11 Local Giveaway Items Your Guests will Not Leave Behind


1. Essential Oils from Luna Maia


2. Mossariums from Habil Crafts


3. Room Spray from Real Scents PH


4. Mini Cupcakes from Batter Up By Florence


5. Statement Pencils and Notebooks from Pluma


6. Leather Cord Ties from Punch Crafts


7. Upcycled Bottle Glasses from Cristal Glass Project


8. Personalized Wooden Magnets from P.S. Crafts with Soul


9. Personalized Reusable Utensils from Keep It Simple


10. Basic Valet Trays from Cocooni Leather Goods


11. Canvas Tote Bags and Purses from Izzo shop


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