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  1. Hi Janna! Glad I finally clicked on the link… Love your blog!!! Keep blogging! Even the single ladies can appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Hi Janna,

    I love this blog especially your postnup pictorial in Japan!!! =) This is one of my sources of inspiration right now while going through my wedding preps. Keep it up! See you around!

    Jingger A.

    1. Hi Jigger, It’s such a privilege to hear that you get ideas from B&B. That’s something I really aspire to do. Inspire brides to bring out their own style for their big day! Your invites are sooooooo cute!!!

  3. i really love your blog because it inspire bride to bring out the best in them. I attended a wedding of my classmate and the wedding was so glamorous. They got the best of the wedding suppliers and the wedding really turned out to be a wonderful one. The wedding was like a perfect wedding. Beautiful talaga. The coordinator was rita neri if im not mistaken. Clap! Clap! Can I ask my friend to send a story/details to you so they will also be featured here? 🙂

  4. Hi Janna!

    Saw your very pretty entourage gowns in a magazine : ) I wonder if you’ve also designed for weddings other than your own. Am very, very interested — getting married March 2011 and hope to decide on a designer soonest.

    Sheila : )

  5. Hello! I love reading your blog, it reminds me of the joys of preparing for a wedding. You have such amazing insights on weddings and everything in between and I wish you all the best always.

  6. hi i am finally and officially married na! thanks so much to your site which inspired me to really work on my wedding and really go out all the way since it is just a once in a lifetime thing! thanks thanks! i super love your site!

    1. Hi Clueless Bride,

      Congratulations on your wedding. Now you are a wife, but I don’t think you’ll be clueless about that. Marriage is awesome! Hope you still visit B&B! Cheers!

  7. Luv your blog!
    Im currently in the midst of planning for my wedding (intimate gathering of 50!) next June. Your blog is giving me a lot of inspiration! Feel free to email me if you have some suggestions/suppliers. Cheers,

    June Bride

  8. Hi Janna!

    Your blog is a blessing to brides who want a chic, elegant and fun wedding! I’ve been reading your blog since i fell in love with your wedding (via Martha Stuart Wedding).

    Your taste is exquisite! =) I got a lot of inspiration from reading Bride and Breakfast. 😉

    Thanks so much, Janna!

  9. Hi janna!

    Been reading your blog since the time I got engaged and this blog is such a big help! thanks for creating this!.:) more power!


  10. Hi Janna,

    I found out about your site just today and I am so happy because it made my day. I am feeling under the weather and stressed with my own wedding preps but your articles transported me to dreamland that I began to browse and browse more. Thanks for putting up this site, keep up the good work dahlin!


  11. Hi Janna!

    I’m a follower of your blog and I would say I am really inspired in every wedding that you feature here. 🙂 I actually saw your wedding photos already even before I knew about this blog and just like you, I love weddings too! 🙂 Congratulations on your beautiful blogsite and all the best to your married life.

    Donna 🙂

  12. Hi!

    I am a folower of your site!! Super ganda esp the featured weddings!
    Wishing my wedding will be featured too =) *wishlist*

    Keep up the good work!!


  13. its perfect janna! i love reading this blogs and sites… nakaka inspire ng sobra! its makes me smile and admire sa mga pictures aand of the model, ang gaganda! and i love the color in pre- nup.

  14. I really love your entourage gowns, I was wondering if you are open to idea of designing entourage gowns for other brides too. I’m getting married in May 2011.

  15. ow my ow my…am a fan of B&B…my bff hus tyin the knot soon introduces me to this awesomeness site…

    i love weddings, so inspiring …more weddings please… 😉

    more power B&B…

  16. Hi Janna,

    I love this blog! Even single ladies can appreciate it. Keep it up! Thank you and God bless you exceedingly!

  17. Your website was referred to me by a friend who is planning her wedding. I wish there was a website like yours when I got married in 2009! I miss wedding planning (even after 2 years) and it’s so nice to see new trends, suppliers, and of course beautiful weddings.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. I’m scheduled to be a bride late next year and this blog is what I really needed. Thanks for all the concepts and ideas your pouring.. Keep it going 🙂

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