8 Local Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

The struggle of planning a wedding is definitely real. Every single detail should be taken to heart! The venue must be pretty, the food should be impeccable, the program should be engaging, and of course, the favors should be pretty cool. So to help make it easier for you guys, we made a list of wedding favors you can buy locally. They say that the first impression is what lasts, but I believe that it’s truly the whole experience that makes it memorable (and pssst, that includes the favors too)!

Local Wedding Favors


1. Bottle Opener

Photo via Royal Wedding Favors

These bottle openers are 100% cute! The best part is that it comes in various styles: anchor, helm, infinity sign, bikes, and more!


2. Leche Flan Jar

Photo via Andi’s Kitchen

That’s right, people! It’s Leche Flan in a jar! It’s yummy custardy goodness in a jar! How wonderful. I’m sure everyone is going to go nuts for this!


3. Succulents

Photo via Go Green Giveaways

Now these plants will surely be a crowd winner! Who wouldn’t want this cute little plant as a take home gift?


4. Artisan Soap 

Photo via Soak Artisan Soap

If you’re looking for something unique, this may be the wedding favor for you! There are many options you can choose from–body scrubs, soap, bath bombs, body oil, and more.


5. Chocolate

Photo via Megabites

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This wedding favor will surely bring smiles to all your guests!


6. Coffee

Photo via Kapeng Barako Coffee

This wedding favor is also a good idea! I haven’t even met anyone on this planet who didn’t love coffee! Have you?


7. Candles

Photo via Alice Blue Candle

I don’t know about you guys, but I love it when cute things are also functional! These candles come in different scents: oak, moss and sage, peppermint, vanilla, and more!


8. Tea Infuser

Photo via Royal Wedding Favors

Now this is absolutely adorable! We also love how it’s packaged in a cute case with a ribbon tied to it.


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