This Wedding in Bukidnon Was Only One Week in the Making!

If there’s a will, there’s definitely a way! One week of wedding preparation may seem too short for many, but Ed and Bonzee made it possible. How did they do […]

Ikaw at Ako: This Couple Goes Incognito in their Own Wedding Photos!

Love is not only found in the smiles on the lips or tears rolling down one’s cheeks. Couple Daniel and Maricon prove this to be true when they chose the […]

The Look



Spot the Terno, the Sampaguita Bouquet, and an Heirloom in This Wedding!

Enamored by the Philippine terno’s elegance and timelessness, Bride Renee has always envisioned a Filipiniana Wedding. In wedding planning, as in any life endeavor, where there is a clear vision, […]

Drama and Versatility: This Bride’s Gown Has Detachable Puff Sleeves!

At first, Bride Cathy was set on just buying a gown off-the-rack. However, when the designer at the atelier she visited whipped up her pen and sketchpad, and drew a […]

The Look


This Bride Wore Two Glitzy and Glamorous Wedding Dresses!

Wedding fashion inspiration coming your way! Bride Joan chose two regal looks that complemented the classic elegance of her special day. Her ceremony gown is a long-sleeved piece covered in […]