Content Submissions

Here at Bride and Breakfast, we take pride in featuring the best wedding inspirations in the Metro. Our goal is to inspire our readership, to be of best help to brides in search of unique and beautiful ideas, and to showcase the genius and incredible talent of the wedding vendors in the Philippines.

Want to submit some gorgeous material? Here’s how!

  1. We value our carefully selected material so if it’s pretty, chic, and oozing with creativity and style, please send it our way! Due to the large number of submissions that we get each day, we request that you follow these instructions when sending your material. We give priority to submissions that follow these guidelines to the letter.
  2. Collect around 50-60 photos for us to choose from. To accommodate to our site’s layout, they must be minimum 640 pixels wide and at 72 dpi resolution. We also accept submissions of higher-resolution files, but the download size would need to be manageable (around 100MB or less). Include pre-wedding, couple, ceremony, details, pictures of the entourage, flower girls, reception decor, and other shots.
    • Here’s a tip! We love beautifully edited color photographs. Although we accommodate and respect the various styles of photography, Bride and Breakfast is particularly drawn to photos that are shot in a magazine or editorial style approach. Think clean, bright, fresh, and pretty!
    • Upload the photos in a Google Drive folder. Please make sure the settings are for “anyone with the link.” File name should be groom-bride-photographer (example: Romeo-Juliet-Chesknots). Please don’t compress into zip files, so it will be easier for us to view your submission.
  3. So we can properly credit the people behind the wedding, fill up this template with the complete list of suppliers and their website URLs (e.g. You may use either the Excel spreadsheet or the Word document version. Take note that we must have a photography credit to feature a submission.
  4. If your submission has been previously published somewhere kindly inform us. As much as possible, we only feature submissions that have not been published yet because our aim is really to show our readers inspirations they have not seen elsewhere. This restriction does not apply to supplier blogs or websites.
  5. Fill up this form with all the details of your submission.

Please note that we cannot guarantee a feature for all material submitted. This does not mean that your wedding is less beautiful or valuable. Since we have a certain aesthetic that we are drawn to, a lot of factors are considered for selecting material (e.g. wedding style, approach of photography, elements and details, etc.). Along with weddings, we also welcome other types of wedding-related inspirations, such as engagement or honeymoon shoots, wedding style inspirations, and bridal designer collections.

For photos and other material submitted by wedding vendors, please ensure you have the client’s approval.

You will get a confirmation message once you successfully send your submission. You will be sent an email should your submission be chosen for a feature.

Know that we would love to hear from you! So with that, we look forward to seeing more and more beautiful inspirations come our way.


This page was last updated on January 22, 2015.