14 Grand Reception Styling Designs That Will Wow You

When it comes to weddings, we always look forward to seeing the reception styling. There’s something about a plain space being transformed into an absolutely beautiful setup for a night that gets us feeling excited. We’re especially in awe of grand reception styling–the abundance of flowers, sparkle, and other grand elements and details totally make […]

You Have to See How This Couple Celebrated Their 30th Wedding Anniversary!

The love that can withstand time is definitely worth celebrating, and that’s exactly what Lance and Susan did. In grand and elegant style, this couple renewed the vows they promised each other 30 years ago–this time in front of their own children and all the people who matter most to them. Some noteworthy details were […]

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Entourage 101: Everything You Need to Know About Your Principal Sponsors

More than just the aesthetics of your wedding, what matters more are the relationships you deepen during the whole preparation process–this includes your relationships with your principal sponsors. How do you choose them? How do you ask them to be your ninongs and ninangs? How do you politely tell them what to wear? What are the things […]

An Outdoor Rustic Wedding with Fun and Witty Details

There’s something so romantic about rustic weddings. It’s probably also why we never get tired of looking at them on the site. Today’s couple incorporated plenty of simple yet beautiful elements to complete the sweet rustic wedding of their dreams. The simple invitations, the lush flower crowns, the pops of color from the bridesmaids’ dresses, […]

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Here’s One Pre-Wedding Tradition You Shouldn’t Give Up

The gifting trends are fast changing and more couples are preferring enveloped gifts than a set of plates. While this popular option seems more convenient in this day and age, we’re here to convince you that creating a gift registry is still a smart and tasteful choice. Here at B&B, we believe in the merit […]