Brides, Here’s What Your Fiance Really Wants You to Know

Brides-to-be are often seen as more hands on compared with her fiancé in wedding planning. This usually becomes the cause of both small and big arguments between the two. However, this doesn’t mean that grooms-to-be don’t see their partners’ effort in making their dream wedding come true. To help clear the air, we asked grooms […]

These Couples Share their Realizations as Newlyweds in Quarantine!

Pushing through with your wedding during this time is one thing, living together with quarantine restrictions in place is another. How have newlyweds been coping during this pandemic? Is it harder to be cooped up together with not many places to go but the grocery? What realizations about marriage has quarantine led them to? Let’s […]

What the Pandemic Taught Us About Love, According to These Frontline Couples

During this global pandemic, we are facing the disarray that has rattled and changed our usual routines. People are staying at home and are socially distant from each other, putting personal connections to the test. While most of us stay in our own homes, some people are outside working in the frontline. These first responders […]