Bride Diaries: What Is It like to Be Engaged during the Pandemic?

The engagement season is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It’s when all the planning and choosing happens, both for the wedding and for the marriage. But for engaged couples who are caught up in the current pandemic, this season looks quite different. We talked to three engaged brides and they […]

What are the Ingredients for a Thriving Marriage, According to Husbands and Wives

They say that marriage is not a walk in the park. While this rings true to many, if not to all couples, husbands and wives can definitely find ways for their marriage to grow and last! We picked up some nuggets of wisdom from our past B&B TV episodes and listed down love notes that will […]

7 Love and Life Lessons I Learned From Watching K-dramas

Staying home and having more time in our hands may have turned many of us into pseudo Koreans. Our binge watching of K-drama has completely convinced us to try out as many Korean dishes as possible, to talk like Koreans, and to even follow their skin care routine! I never thought I would be a […]

5 Critical Conversations to Have With Your Soon-to-Be While on Community Quarantine

Now that our nation is at a standstill, we might not have freedom of movement, but we do have an abundance of time. As we rest at home, taking care of our health and praying for the safety of others, it’s a good time to talk about important, personal matters.  For all you soon-to-weds, we’ve […]

6 Tear-Jerking Realizations CLOY Taught Us About Love

It’s been a week since the last episode of Crash Landing on You aired and we think it’s time to process all our feelings on the current K-drama obsession before the love month ends. We’re slowly recovering from it because boy oh boy, there were feelings–and they were everywhere! But now that we’ve had enough […]