10 Things to Do with Mom Before Leaving the Nest

The love between a mother and her daughter may be forever, but their days living under the same roof are numbered the moment she says yes to her other half. Things like her last name and her mailing address will surely change, but there are things that matter more that can still stay the same. […]

Here are Some Important Money Management Tips for Newlyweds!

Money can be quite a sensitive topic because we all have varying experiences concerning it. You might have even heard from your married friends how paying bills makes marriage less romantic! But it’s important to tackle how you plan on managing your finances together so you can avoid arguments and complications in the long run. […]

Second Lead Syndrome in K-Dramas: This Is What Each Loss Taught Us About Love!

“I am rooting for the underdog”—who knew we’d ever say this in the context of a K-Drama? Yet here we are shedding tears at 2AM, yelling non-sensical things at our laptops like, “Ako nalang, Han Ji Pyeong!” After watching countless dramas that were designed to make us swoon over the charming lead Oppa, we often […]

Married Couples Share Their Best Investment as Newlyweds

One of the benefits of getting married is having someone to share decision-making with for the rest of your life. One of the first and more important decisions that a newlywed couple have to make is where to put and invest their savings, along with the monetary gifts they received from their wedding. We asked […]

Brides, Here’s What Your Fiance Really Wants You to Know

Brides-to-be are often seen as more hands on compared with her fiancé in wedding planning. This usually becomes the cause of both small and big arguments between the two. However, this doesn’t mean that grooms-to-be don’t see their partners’ effort in making their dream wedding come true. To help clear the air, we asked grooms […]