5 Critical Conversations to Have With Your Soon-to-Be While on Community Quarantine

Now that our nation is at a standstill, we might not have freedom of movement, but we do have an abundance of time. As we rest at home, taking care of our health and praying for the safety of others, it’s a good time to talk about important, personal matters.  For all you soon-to-weds, we’ve […]

6 Tear-Jerking Realizations CLOY Taught Us About Love

It’s been a week since the last episode of Crash Landing on You aired and we think it’s time to process all our feelings on the current K-drama obsession before the love month ends. We’re slowly recovering from it because boy oh boy, there were feelings–and they were everywhere! But now that we’ve had enough […]

Married Couples Talk About What Love Looks Like Through the Years

We believe that love evolves and changes its form through time. What someone finds attractive then will be different from what will be attractive 50 years after. So, in our quest to trace the thread of love that binds relationships closer together, we talked to couples who’ve been married for different durations of time with […]

Lost for Words? 14 Conversation Starters You Can Use on Your Date Day

Whether you’re on your first date or have been married for many years, getting to know someone is the most exciting but often times underrated gift one can give and receive. Since today is Valentine’s Day, we’re throwing in some conversation starters–some insightful, some funny, mostly random–to give you more variations of the usual “how […]

Romantic Date Places for Valentine’s Day!

It’s February at last, which can mean only one thing: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! The month of love is always a busy one for weddings, but whether you’re getting married, dating a new sweetheart, or celebrating with a long-time partner, February is always a good excuse to celebrate love.  We put together […]