How to Manage Your Parents’ Guest List: Wedding Coordinators Share Helpful Tips!

The wedding guest list has always been a critical topic among Filipino families, because there’s always the issue of inviting more people than you would want. Specifically, friends and acquaintances of your parents or even extended relatives you’re not particularly close to. How do you strike a compromise then? To gain a clearer insight on […]

More Sleep, Less Fights: Practical Advice for Newlyweds

“Don’t sleep angry” “Happy wife, happy life” “Communication is key” If you’re a newlywed couple, for sure you’ve heard at least one of these popular marriage advices during your wedding day. Cliche as they may sound, these statements are backed up by years of experience. But did you know that there’s a marriage advice that’s […]

Yay or Nay: Setting Boundaries for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Whether friends call it your “last night of freedom” or your “farewell tour,” we’ve all heard our fair share of stories about what happens in bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s different for every couple, but sometimes the days leading up to these events leave brides and grooms to-be feeling more anxious and agitated than the […]

8 Romantic Phrases to Say to Your Partner to Keep the Love Alive

They say actions speak louder than words, but verbally expressing how much you care can be just as meaningful. Sometimes, all we need is to hear a “Thank you,” an “I love you,” or a compliment to make our day, especially tough ones, instantly brighter. Words, when spoken sincerely, can inspire, encourage, and also help […]

5 Things Newlywed Brides Discovered About Intimacy in Marriage 

It’s easy to assume how intimacy looks like if you base it from the books and movies you’ve read and seen. More often than not, it’s presented as a steamy and passionate scene where two people forget about everything in the world, then cut to lights off. For brides who daydream about their honeymoon and […]