We Rounded Up Favors, Gifts Ideas, And More About Your Wedding Entourage this August 2017!

The -ber months are coming! August just ended, and we’re here to bring you curated ideas from what we released over the past month. We touched on wedding favors and gift ideas for different members of your bridal party, including how to pick the members of your entourage as well. Check out the articles below to give you more ideas!

August 2017 Favorites We Rounded Up Favors, Gift Ideas, and More About Your Wedding Entourage this August 2017!


1. Choosing the members of your entourage

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Having a hard time giving roles to your closest family and friends? This comprehensive guide will outline the roles and responsibilities of the major members of your entourage, as well as how you can go about choosing them.


2. Local wedding favors you can score for your guests

Photo via Royal Wedding Favors

Ah, the search for the wedding favors. It can be tricky and overwhelming, what with all the ideas you can see online! Thankfully, we gathered a list of wedding giveaways that you can actually purchase here in the Philippines–eliminating any need to D.I.Y. or source for hard stuff. You’re welcome!


3. Cute gift ideas for your bride tribe

Photo via Hey Jow

Well, of course! After helping you for months planning for your wedding day, there’s nothing like a thoughtful gift to say thank you with. In this post, we give stylish and useful ideas for your bridesmaids. We’re sure they’ll love them!


4. Spend more time with your bridal party at these pre-wedding events

Yep, it’s not just the wedding you’re really planning for. Besides being a big celebration of love, weddings are also a union between two families and the friends of the two parties getting married, so it just makes sense that you get to party with them lots of times! We listed down eight more events leading up to your wedding where you can spend time with your entourage.


Ready to begin the hunt for the perfect gift and get to know your entourage better? Go ahead, and devour the articles above! Have fun!


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