Francis Libiran Shares 8 Important Tips on Wedding Dress Fittings

Brides have a lot of questions when it comes to wedding planning, but one of the most crucial things they probably think of is what they’re going to wear on their big day. You may have a lot of questions as to what kind of dress you should wear, and what happens in a wedding fitting. Well, you’re in luck, because today, we’re sharing some of these tips from one of the top wedding gown designers himself, Francis Libiran. Go ahead and read it all below!

Being yourself really does help in the dress selection process

A close-up of the Rebecca gown from Francis Libiran Bridal’s Affair de Coeur collection. | Photo care of Bride and Breakfast

You may not know this, but besides your figure, the experts in the bridal boutique also want a feel of your personality. This helps them a lot in suggesting dresses for you to wear. Your reactions will also help dictate which dress you’re more comfortable in. Even sharing which insecurities you want to hide can help the process of transforming your made-to-measure gown into having a unique and personal touch. So don’t be afraid to share your story! Whether it’s ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, or custom-made, being open to your bridal gown designer will help a lot in his or her design process.


Your groom's suggestions matter too

Francis shares that a lot of brides’ fiancés nowadays express their opinions of what they want their brides to look like. (According to Francis, backless gowns are one of the most popular requests from grooms!) Stuck with looking for pegs or not really sure what would look good on you? You don’t have to look so far–your groom can also help you in your gown selection process if you wish. Besides, he is your other half. You might be surprised at the amazing suggestions he can offer!


Your initial peg might fit you differently than expected--and that's okay

90% of brides nowadays do research online, and get inspiration from sites like Bride and Breakfast, Pinterest, and whatnot. While there a lot of pretty gowns out there, some of them might not be the best fit for your body shape. Unless you already know what type of silhouettes and cuts look good on you, most brides actually change their mind about the dress they initially thought looks good on them. Don’t be discouraged by this! This is why it’s important to be able to fit the gown upfront or consult with a designer.


Try your best not to be too overwhelmed with all the choices

Premier and Affair de Coeur gowns during the Francis Libiran Bridal Trunk show in Crimson, Filinvest.

With all the amazing designs out there, and the models we see on social media and advertisements, it’s easy to get confused with what you really want. It’s important to study your body, what you like, and what makes you feel comfortable! Get a good designer too. This will ultimately help you in narrowing down your choices so you don’t feel like you have to try on all the dresses.


Every fitting is a different experience

Each gown from the Francis Libiran Bridal collection is carefully designed by Francis himself. | Photo care of Bride and Breakfast

“You should fall in love with your gown each time you see it,” says Francis. And that’s so true! From the initial fitting to the added embellishments to your finished made-to-measure gown, it’s always a good sign if you’re getting excited about what you see. Your wedding gown should be something you fall in love with over and over again as the days are approaching your wedding and even long after!


Lightweight gowns are the new practical choice of brides

Brides often walk slowly down the aisle, and a reason is actually that of a heavy gown. Save yourself from this by getting a lightweight gown! With improved dressmaking techniques in this day and age, it’s now more available to brides. Not all wedding gowns have to be heavy in order to be considered high-quality. Plus, you won’t have to worry about restricted movement in the ceremony and reception. More time to socialize with the guests and dance during the after party!


You'll know when your dress is The One

Francis Libiran Bridal gowns are made-to-measure, so the gown of your choice is made to your specific measurements. You can also opt to add more details (like sleeves or embellishments) to make the gown truly you.

It’s cliche, but you’ll really know when a dress is The One. You’ll feel it when you see yourself in the mirror, whoever you brought with you to the fitting might cry, you might even cry! And that’s totally normal. Designers secretly anticipate this moment too–they wanna know if you love the gown and if it makes you happy!


Confidence never goes out of style

Trends come and go, but there’s one thing that never does: confidence. Trust yourself when fitting wedding gowns. If everyone tells you that you look good, but there’s this nagging feeling at the back of your head, listen to that. Just remember that if you’re confident with what you’re wearing, it will definitely show. As the saying goes, “The dress doesn’t wear you; you wear the dress.”


There you have it, ladies. We’re sure these tips can help you out in your wedding planning experience. What’s your favorite tip here that Francis Libiran shared? Is there something you want to add as well? Let us know in the comments!

All gowns are from Francis Libiran Bridal. Available at the Francis Libiran Bridal store, Greenbelt 5, Makati. You may fill up this contact form in order to schedule a booking. You can also give them a call at (02) 358-4731, or reach them through their Instagram and their Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Sir Francis, I liked your interview with Profiles of CNN Phils. It made me realized that wearing the gown that you’ve made would still be possible for plus size women, non celebrity brides who only dream of having a memorable and fairytale wedding. More power and keeping on inspiring others through your craft.

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