4 Reasons Why Couples Should Be Excited About Metrophoto’s Opening in Cebu

Cebu has such an exciting wedding industry. The couples who plan their weddings, the suppliers who provide only the best services, and of course, the beautiful area that serves as a scenic backdrop to many a big day are all part of what makes up this flourishing wedding arena. So when one of the Philippines’ notable wedding photographers announced that they’d be opening a branch in Cebu, it only made perfect sense for us to tell you why we (and you) should be excited about it!

1. You get to receive the unique Metrophoto experience.
We’ve seen many current and previous works by Metrophoto, and I’m sure many couples can attest to the world-class, premium, and highly personalized wedding photography services Metrophoto provides. You only get married once, you only turn 18 once, you only celebrate your golden anniversary once—whatever event or special occasion you have, of course you’ll want someone who provides top-notch, high quality services.


2. You can be sure of unique and creative photos with Metrophoto’s signature style.
Metrophoto is synonymous with all things stylish and creative. When you look at each of their photos, you can really see the craft and care the photographer takes into making sure that each one comes out unique. And with Cebu’s demands for exciting and unique services, we’re so glad Metrophoto is making their trademark style and work more accessible to even more couples.


3. You get the service you deserve.
It’s your wedding day, and you deserve only the best service possible. And from the moment you book Metrophoto until the delivery of your photo albums, you will get the best combination of services that they can provide. They also pride themselves on their customer service, and make it their duty to make sure that every couple’s experience exceeds expectations.


4. You don’t have to look very far.
Now, that they’re opening a branch in Cebu, you really don’t have to look far. Cebu-based photographer Wendell Good will be leading the team, with the full support and help of main photographers Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo, Dino Lara, Paolo Nierves, helping bring the quality of their services to the area. Now, you don’t need to compute how much you’ll be spending on airfare and/or accommodations. You don’t have to struggle with communication. The ease and access of Metrophoto’s services will be right in the heart of your city center.


Excited yet? Check out their packages below:

Wedding Packages:

Sitting Pretty Album: 10”x10” 40 Pages – Php 60,000
Milk & Honey Album: 10”x10” 60 Pages – Php 70,000
Artisan Line Album: 12”x12” 60 Pages – Php 80,000
Legacy Black Album: 12”x12” 60 Pages – Php 100,000
Legacy Elite Album: 12”x12” 60 Pages – Php 110,000

Solo Pre-Wedding – Php 20,000 Tinghun – Php 25,000

Check out their website, contact them via their email cebu@mymetrophoto.com, or drop them a line at 0918 93301398 for any inquiries.

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