This Wedding Package Brings the Experts Together For Your Dream Wedding!

Your wedding moment with the same person will only come once so make it unforgettable by hiring a top-notch team to make your dream celebration happen. The great news is, from today until May 31, a group of professional and experienced wedding suppliers have teamed up to offer a wedding package that’s too good to […]

Royal Colors Make This Wedding a Bold Statement!

Quino and Mons met in 2015 while working on a flight to Dubai; she was a flight attendant and he was the pilot. From then on, they have been totally inseparable. The couple spent years chasing after each other’s flights, travelling the world together and falling in love. Fast forward 7 years after, 1 quick […]

Quaint and Dainty: This Couple Chose a Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore is a term used to celebrate a slower pace of life, rooted in simplicity and nostalgia. From quaint countryside vignettes, antique decor inspiration, and prairie-style fashion, Angel and Zean vicariously enjoyed the great outdoors for both their engagement shoot and wedding day celebration. This couple was so in their element as you can see […]

The Look



Top Looks for your Modern Filipiniana Wedding

We fall in love with the terno and barong because of their effortless elegance and rich history. Today, Filipiniana fashion has evolved–think cropped tops, detachable sleeves, and pantsuits, for starters. In this latest collection of Kultura, you’ll find traditional attire transformed into stylish, timeless pieces with endless possibilities for putting together a Filipiniana wedding that’s […]

This Bride’s Veil Has A Unique Embroidery That Tells a Story

It amazes us whenever we encounter weddings with highly customized details like Arvin and Maxine’s rustic boho celebration. Unique and personalized details overflow in this wedding but what caught our attention the most was the bride’s embroidered veil. We noticed that there are two faces outlined in Maxine’s veil and it had matching names below […]

The Look