Pearls and an Oversized Bow: This Bride Wore the Minimalist Wedding Dress of Her Dreams!

I’m sure many brides can relate with Bride Raquel’s joy at being able to have your dream dress come to life. Raquel shares that minimalism is a style she personally loves, and so her dress is simply everything she ever hoped for it to be. The details are extra unique, too. The oversized bow is […]

The Look


Royal Colors Make This Wedding a Bold Statement!

Quino and Mons met in 2015 while working on a flight to Dubai; she was a flight attendant and he was the pilot. From then on, they have been totally inseparable. The couple spent years chasing after each other’s flights, travelling the world together and falling in love. Fast forward 7 years after, 1 quick […]

The Color Palette Creates a Fresh and Uplifting Vibe

Your wedding colors can truly make a difference in the over-all look and feel of your special day. Take Greg and Cassy’s celebration as an example. Blush, white, and green are a timeless combination. These hues have the ability to create such a vibrant atmosphere and beautifully complement venues, especially those surrounded by nature! Greg […]

This Wedding Has a Warm and Striking Color Palette of Red and Orange!

Vibrant hues of red and orange, when put together, can create both a bright and lively atmosphere as well as a warm and romantic mood. Take a look at Glenn and Paulene’s wedding as an example! The warmth of red and orange definitely highlights what a day full of love looks like. Then, when you […]

Pink Takes the Spotlight in This Wedding!

With thousands of weddings we’ve seen throughout the years, we’ve noticed that you’ll hardly go wrong with pink! Take this wedding of Peter and Joyce as an example. It’s easy on the eyes and the overall feel of the event is classy and elegant. Aside from the bridesmaids dresses and the couple’s stunning outfits, what […]

The Look