6 Interesting Types of Photos We’ve Been Seeing in Weddings and Engagement Shoots

Photos are the closest thing you have to freezing your wedding moments in time. Knowing how important documentation is, we’ve noticed couples are making their photos more reflective of their personalities and the type of wedding they’ve been dreaming of. That is because photos help you capture your wedding in the way you would like […]

Here Are Thank You Card Templates You Can Use After Your Wedding!

Your wedding celebration doesn’t end with unwrapping gifts. There are a few more things to accomplish on your post-wedding to-do list, and that is the Thank You cards! If you wish to express your gratitude to your guests, especially those who took the time and effort to pitch in for your wedding or buy you […]

Here’s a List of Bridal Shower Activities You and Your Entourage Will Enjoy!

Apart from celebrating your last few days and weeks as a Miss, the bridal shower is always a fun way for your friends and entourage members to bond and get to know each other before the actual wedding day. Beyond playing party games and going out for dinner and drinks, we rounded up a list […]

These Are the Top Wedding Splurges According to Brides!

We posted a question on our Instagram Stories: “What was worth splurging on for your wedding?” And the answers came flooding in! Many brides agree that some things are just excellent value for your hard earned money. They either make the whole planning process a lot easier or they simply give you joy and guarantee […]

These Summer Colors will Bring Excitement to Your Wedding!

A trademark of Summer would be vibrant and cheerful colors which beautifully match the usual energetic vibe of the season, and of course, the celebratory atmosphere of weddings! There’s also a lot of ideas for you to play around with like bright florals, fresh greenery, and light, breezy dresses. If you’re building a mood board […]