Here’s a List of Stunning Bridal Bouquets from 2021 Weddings!

Have you already thought of the bouquet you’ll be carrying as you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life? This past year we’ve seen several remarkable bridal bouquets, and we’re so happy to share some of the arrangements that really stood out to us. We were drawn to these bouquets because of […]

Here are Creative Alternatives for a Grand Reception Party

After more than a year of dealing with quarantine, and all the adjustments necessary to make weddings happen, we have definitely seen the creativity and ingenuity of brides and grooms, and of course, the suppliers. Dealing with a pandemic as you are planning one of the most important celebrations of your life is no easy […]

7 Modern Ways You Can Walk Down the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

The moment of your bridal march only happens once in your life—of course you’re going to want every detail to be perfect. From the grand reveal of the full bridal look, to the careful selection of flowers that comprise the bouquet and line the ceremony aisle, much thought is put into their planning. Another element […]

How You Can Say No: The Wedding Edition

Weddings are like a euphoric series of yeses. From saying yes at the proposal to saying I do at the altar, it may seem like yes is the only acceptable answer when it come to weddings, but trust us, there’s always room for saying no, too! Especially now that there’s a pandemic to think about, […]

These Intimate Garden Weddings Made Open Spaces Feel Cozy

Garden weddings are always so refreshing because of the lush breathing space available which couples usually fill with abundant flowers and greenery. But what if you’ve decided to have an intimate wedding, would doing it in a big open space still be an option? Through the use of color motifs, decorations, floral arrangements, and placements […]