There Are Three Main Steps to Create a Dream Wedding From Scratch

You might be wondering, “Just three?! Are you sure?!” Let’s put it this way… Think of your wedding as a story with three different chapters. Each chapter is filled with a multitude of experiences, moments, and learnings that make your wedding story unique and personal. Hey if you want to go beyond three, why not? The best part of this whole process is that you’re the author, the maker, of your wedding planning journey.

But allow us to share the three main steps we thought of to simplify the creative side of wedding planning. Hopefully, this will help you out! Keep reading!

Chapter 1: Choosing Your Pegs

Consider this step, or chapter, as if you’re introducing your would-be dream wedding to yourself!  At this stage, you’re building your wedding mood board and it’s completely okay if you have no idea how you want your wedding to look just yet. This is the time to have fun figuring out what you like, and more importantly, what you don’t like. Once you’ve compiled all the wedding photos and inspiration you can find, try to see the common details and recurring themes. Then, edit your mood board until you’ve narrowed it down to one aesthetic that reflects you as a couple!

Here’s a little insider story for you! Before we finalized our minimalist wedding photoshoot, each member of the Bride and Breakfast team came up with a proposal. Lo and behold, the most common theme among our suggestions was minimalist! Of course, we still had individual interpretations of what minimalist is. What we did next was to see which details were similar among our presentations, and which of them were the stand outs. Finally, we pinned down the sleek a-line silhouette of the bridal gown, the clean hair and makeup look, and the very polished table setting with single stem flowers.

Chapter 2: Booking Your Suppliers

This is a critical chapter in your wedding story. Suppliers make your ideas come to life, but what’s even better is they have the expertise to come up with concepts for you or turn your vision into something beyond your expectations. So, it’s important to meet and work with suppliers who align with your style and personality.

Since we were imagining a sleek minimalist wedding, we knew we had to go for a venue like Balara Content House with its clean and contemporary Japandi interiors. It also goes without saying that the outfits had to be on-point, so we trusted the fashion styling expertise of Weddings by Cath.

Sophisticated and beautiful portraits were a must, that’s why we collaborated with none other than Jaja Samaniego to capture these photos. Meanwhile, Treehouse Story put their visual storytelling magic to work and produced fun videos showcasing the three chapters to create your dream wedding!

Completing our talented supplier team are K by Cunanan for the catering and table styling, Madge Lejano for the  fresh and natural makeup, J’s Diamond and The Fold Jewelry for the bridal accessories, and Lucille’s for the modern minimalist wedding cake.

Chapter 3: Putting It All Together
You’ve got your theme finalized, your dream team booked, and the rest of the details figured out at this point, that means the only thing left is to put it all together and celebrate your special day! Towards the end of your wedding planning journey, what’s really left is to enjoy and revel in the kind of celebration you created.

One last tip! We know it takes a lot of work to craft a dream wedding from scratch. Hours, days, and months of thinking, planning, and resources are invested for one special day. Everything we just mentioned are simplified ways of approaching the whole process which will hopefully lessen the overwhelm.

But… Why don’t we make wedding planning even more seamless and fulfilling? If you want to experience the process of choosing your pegs, booking suppliers, and putting it all together in just one place, then come to Toast Wedding Fair. You’ll be sure to find unique ideas and inspiration, meet quality suppliers (and book them with exclusive Toast Wedding Fair discounts), plus experience the ease and fun of how a dream wedding can come to life.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on February 24 to 25, 2024 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City!

Toast Wedding Fair Photoshoot Team:

Creative Direction: Bride and Breakfast / Photographer: Jaja Samaniego/ / Videographer: Treehouse Story / Fashion Stylist: Weddings by Cath / Jewelry: The Fold Jewelry / Rings: J’s Diamond / Makeup: Madge Lejano / Catering and Table Styling: K by Cunanan / Cake: Lucille’s PH / Venue: Balara Content House

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