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Your Wedding, Your Way: Pre-Register for Free Entrance to Toast Wedding Fair

Should You Do a “First Look” Before The Wedding Ceremony?

As couples embark on their exciting journey towards the big day, they’re faced with a bunch of decisions to make it all just perfect. And one of those key decisions is whether to have a “first look” or stick to the traditional route of seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony.

Lately, the “first look” has become all the rage, adding a touch of intimacy and charm before the official ceremony kicks off. Think of it as a secret rendezvous between the couple, away from the crowd, where they share a sweet, private moment. It sets the stage for a day filled with all those intense feelings and deep connections, sealing the deal to be each other’s forever.

But as the modern era brings fresh perspectives to the forefront, the allure of the traditional aisle reveal remains strong. The moment when the bride reveals herself to her groom? It’s pure magic–one that brides and grooms remember for years to come.

And so, the question remains: should you do a first look? Keep reading as we weigh in on this modern practice.

Should You Do a First Look?

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This Bride Struck the Perfect Balance Between Being a Minimalist and Playfully Bold

Bride Lara exudes modern elegance in a minimalist dress with a charming oversized bow at the back. The true showstopper, though, are her colorful patterned shoes. At first glance, they might seem surprising, but in the context of their wedding, they are nothing short of beautiful. The entire wedding is accentuated by subtle pops of color through other elements such as tropical greenery and bright-colored blooms. From the bridal shoes to the decorations, these eye-catching details serve to highlight the event’s understated grace.

Benjamin and Lara’s wedding showcases how contemporary meets traditional, how simplicity harmonizes with elegance, and how the busy streets of Manila feels miles away when love is at the core of the celebration. Get inspired by these beautiful photos taken by Pat Dy.

Benjamin and Lara

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13 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Planning a wedding is an enormous task, and for many couples, this is likely your first time planning such a major event. It’s no wonder why brides and grooms experience quite a rollercoaster of a journey throughout the whole process. Even the most hands-on brides will admit that wedding planning is not that easy and sometimes you experience hiccups and detours along the way. It’s okay to encounter a couple of mishaps. That’s normal! But there are also certain issues that you can prevent so you won’t feel too stressed out. We’re here to help you by making sure you stay on the right path towards your dream wedding.

In this article, we’re giving you tips on how to avoid some of the most common wedding planning mistakes couples tend to make. Keep reading!

13 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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This Couple’s Non-Negotiable Was an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Sustainability and less waste are crucial factors for Andre and Bea. As free divers, they have a deep sense of connection to caring for our environment and it certainly reflects in their wedding details. Bride Bea said that since fresh flowers have a high carbon footprint, they opted to use more eco-friendly alternatives. “The greenery is primarily wild grass or plastic decorations that can easily be reused by our stylist. Even my bouquet was made from reed grass we picked along the highway and vines growing on the beach. As for my entourage, they were holding potted plants in native bags to serve as their bouquets,” said Bea.

This bride also opted to wear a two-piece attire with an adjustable ribbon closure so she can easily wear it for other occasions. For their giveaways, Andre and Bea thought of sending their loved ones home with fresh produce!

If you’re also thinking of how to make more environmentally friendly and sustainable choices for your wedding, let Andre and Bea’s special day give you great ideas. Scroll through these photos by Melvin Vito Photography!

Andrea and Bea

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