These Experiences Can Be Memorable Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be

The gift giving season is drawing near, and maybe your wedding is, too. So, you’re probably thinking of an epic gift to surprise your soon-to-be spouse, right? Apart from material items like watches, clothes, or jewelry, another lasting and meaningful gift would be experiences! Memories you create out of experiences are priceless, and they become stories you can fondly share with each other and your loved ones. Experiences also allow you to dig deeper into what the other enjoys doing, and discover something new together. Are you ready to give the most awesome gift? Here’s a list of ideas for you!

These Experiences Can Be Memorable Gifts for Your Soon-to-Be

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Memories Caught on Film: A Post-Wedding Shoot in Intramuros

Riley and Roch didn’t hire a photographer for their actual wedding ceremony. Instead, they opted for a post-wedding shoot in Intramuros. This couple’s photos were captured using analog film cameras and the outcome was simply beautiful. The bride and groom both enjoy film photography as a hobby, which made the concept of this photoshoot even more meaningful and so expressive of who they are. Intramuros also proved to be such a beautiful location for this photo session, don’t you think? This post-wedding photoshoot really was such a great idea for Riley and Roch to have heartwarming wedding memories to look back on!  Enjoy scrolling through these photos by indiego.jpeg.

Riley and Roch

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Here’s a Playlist to Calm Down Your Nervous Groom

Who says only brides feel nervous on their wedding day? Whether you’re a bride or a groom, wedding anxiety has no exemptions. Grooms anticipate the event, too, and they’re also feeling the same rollercoaster of emotions. So, to help your grooms loosen up a bit, we’ve prepared a playlist with cool and mellow vibes. Go tell them to listen!

Here's a Playlist to Calm Down Your Nervous Groom


This Bride Felt So Happy to Have Her 10-Year Old Dog at Her Wedding

“My dog Raki is a 10-year old pug who has witnessed every major milestone in my life. I met him even before my husband. I used to bring him to school, then eventually to my work. We are inseparable,” Bride Regina said. When Raki was diagnosed with an incurable illness, Regina realized how time really was never enough. She wasn’t even sure if Raki could make it to her wedding, but he did! And his presence made the wedding so much more meaningful.

It was also heartwarming to learn that the bride found her passion in advocating for the well-being of dogs. As a matter of fact, Regina left her six-figure corporate job when she realized she had a calling to help dog-owners strengthen their relationship with their pets. Since then, she became a professional dog trainer. Regina also tells us how lucky she is to have such a supportive Groom, Jacob, who shares in her belief that a deep and significant bond can be developed between humans and animals.

What a beautiful story that reminds us how fur babies, like Raki, are part of the family, too! Check out Jacob and Regina’s wedding with Raki’s special appearance as captured by Blackbox Weddings.

Jacob and Regina

I hope our wedding can tell a story about a family that includes our furry friends. These relationships are every bit as meaningful. I hope our story inspires more people to look at their dogs and feel that priceless connection. Regina, Bride

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How Overseas Couples Can Plan a Wedding in the Philippines

Planning a wedding in the Philippines while being thousands of miles away really does pose a challenge, but it’s not impossible. All you need is the right kind of help. With over 20 years of event planning expertise, you can count on Worldwide Weddings to be your guide. The Worldwide Weddings PH International Hybrid Bridal Fair Singapore Edition is happening on November 18 to 19 at The Atelier & Co., Singapore. Just sign up here to join the fair either online or in-person!

But how exactly can Worldwide Weddings lead the way to your dream wedding in the Philippines? Read on!

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