How to Make Your Parents Feel Special on Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is a big day for your parents, too! They’ve been highly anticipating this moment just as much as you have albeit both joyfully and in a bittersweet way. We all know that parents are the first people who ever loved us; there’s no doubt that they deserve special recognition on such an important day. So, apart from walking down the aisle with Mom and Dad, and the traditional dancing, here are other thoughtful ideas to honor them!

Have a First Look
If you choose to have a first look with your spouse-to-be, how about doing one with your parents first? Seeing you ready to walk down the aisle is a precious moment for them, too. This can also be a time to spend privately and quietly with your Mom and Dad before you become busy with the other guests. Maybe even listen to some last few words of wisdom right before you say I do.

Borrow Something of Theirs
They will surely be excited about letting you borrow a special piece from their closet. Whether it’s a pair of earrings from Mom or a watch from Dad, this will be a valuable kind of “something borrowed.” There are brides who choose to wear their Mother’s wedding dress (with some minor alterations). If not Mom’s dress, maybe her veil. Or you and the groom could also wear their wedding bands on your right hands.

Prepare Meaningful Gifts
You can make it part of your preparations to surprise your parents with gifts, just like how the Bride and Groom exchange presents. Think of something they will really like or can use everyday. You can pick accessories that will match their outfits, or promise to take them out for lunch or dinner after you go on honeymoon.

Present the Bridal Bouquet to Mom Instead of Tossing It
Here’s a fun idea! Instead of a toss, why don’t you hand over your bouquet to Mom instead? You can do this during your thank you speech, too! It will be a heartfelt gesture of love. Your Mom can even take home the bouquet and preserve it as a keepsake from your wedding.

Make a Tribute Video
Video montages of the bride and groom (complete with baby photos) are a staple in wedding receptions. Why not mix it up by including special messages and photos for Mom and Dad? You can record yourself delivering messages of love and thanks, and you can also include family videos you’ve kept through the years.

Do a Special Dance or Song Number
If your parents are willing, how about dedicating a slot in your program for a family performance? The Father-Daughter, and Mother-Son dance are also part of wedding traditions, but you can go the extra mile by preparing another fun number. This will certainly entertain the guests, too! Maybe there’s a song you love singing with Dad in the karaoke, or a KPop dance choreography Mom adores as much as you do!

Dedicate Songs on Your Playlist for Them
A party is more fun when everyone gets to enjoy the festivities, and music plays a big role in that. Something as simple as including your parents’ favorite music on your wedding playlist will be appreciated! We grew up listening to songs like “Dancing Queen” and “Build Me Up Buttercup” along with our parents, so it would definitely be a fun time dancing to them at your reception, right?

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