Our Team Shares All the Details About Putting Together This Modern Classic Wedding Theme

Modern and Classic — two ideas that seem to oppose one another. How does something that is supposedly “classic” suddenly become trendy or contemporary? And what makes something trendy so timeless?

The beauty about classic wedding details (think roses, candles, calligraphy, ball gowns, and suits) is that they form a solid foundation for your theme. The “Modern” elements come in when you personalize how these details are arranged, and put together. The reason why the classics are “timeless” is because they’re so versatile and adaptable to designs and themes that are currently present in the wedding scene. You’ll always spot a hint of the classics.

“We’ve seen different trends and themes come and go but the classics will forever be the foundation of timeliness and class. This is a type of theme that is designed to be meaningful and stylish decades from now,” says Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Bride and Breakfast’s Head of Content.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding aesthetic that will always be in style, take a look at how the Bride and Breakfast team came up with this Modern Classic theme.

Putting Together the Modern Classic Wedding Theme

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The Look



    Trendy and Fresh Wedding Invitation Ideas

    Wedding invitations are often the first impression your guests will have of your upcoming nuptials. As such, it’s essential that they encapsulate not only the crucial details, but also the personality and theme of your wedding. Gone are the days of plain, white cardstock with a simple cursive font; today’s wedding invitations are as diverse and unique as the couples sending them! Below, we get into some of the trends that will elevate your wedding invite game.

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    KZ Tandingan and TJ Monterde’s Intimate Wedding Featured Barongs Embroidered with Poetic Lyrics

    When artists TJ and KZ first said their vows three years ago, they had to deal with limitations set by the pandemic. Travel restrictions meant their closest family couldn’t attend, but the couple still managed to make the event significant. Now, they’ve come full circle by hosting a simple second ceremony, finally able to include their parents, siblings, and closest friends.

    Perhaps the most striking feature of their intimate wedding was the choice of attire. “Pag-Ibig ating punla,” reads the embroidery on their barongs, a line from their song “Simula.” In a ceremony stripped of excess, the intricate detail did more than just adorn; it told a story—a poetic expression woven into the fabric of their lives and their union.

    By opting for a modest and intimate ceremony, the couple underscored the beauty of minimalist events. Absent were lavish decorations and flashy elements. The focus, instead, was squarely on the genuine love between them and the happiness of finally celebrating this important life event with their nearest and dearest. Get inspired by their love story through these photos captured by Mico Gonzales.

    TJ and KZ

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    The Look



    A Complete Guide to Decoding Wedding Guest Attire

    We’ll be real with you—deciphering wedding dress codes can be confusing at times. Wedding invites often feature terms like “Garden Cocktail,” “Boho Chic,” “White Tie,” or “Filipiniana,” leaving invitees puzzled about what exactly is expected of them. Now it’s important to realize that following the dress code isn’t merely a fashion preference, it’s a gesture of respect toward the couple and the occasion itself. Choosing an appropriate outfit underlines your recognition of this significant life event for the bride and groom.

    When in doubt, always remember that your choice of clothing should be respectful, modest, and suited to the celebration. But if you’re still perplexed, we’ve decoded the common wedding guest attire requests below.

    How to Decode Wedding Guest Attire

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    This Bride Nailed Her Minimalist and Boho Chic Wedding Wardrobe

    Sunset over one of Palawan’s idyllic beaches served as the golden backdrop for Kate and Fred’s boho-chic wedding where a vivid display of boho chic met effortless elegance. Kate’s wedding dress was a minimalist dream, seamlessly blending with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Her bridal look also featured an embellished veil with subtle floral embroidery, adding a dash of allure to her ceremony ensemble.

    Not to be outdone, her welcoming dinner and reception dresses were equally stunning. For the welcoming dinner, Kate chose a boho-chic two-piece set adorned with lace and eyelets, perfectly setting the tone for the festivities to come. At the reception, she dazzled in a playful short dress highlighted by beads and fringes, capturing the joyful spirit of the occasion. Get inspired from these gorgeous photos by Pearl Studios below!

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