A Blue and Gold Wedding with Hints of Indigo

When you put blue and gold together for your wedding color, it’s bound to be elegant. There’s just something about those two colors, you know? Individually, they’re great. But when you put them together–it’s quite magical! Just look at Albert and Mau’s wedding. The golden tops and navy blue skirts of the bridesmaids were almost as pretty as the bride’s gown. And I love how they have the pink florals in the background–it just complements the clothes of the entourage so well. (Did you see the indigo dress of the flower girl?) We’ve got ProudRad to thank for these lovely photos. I’m telling you, you won’t want to miss this.

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Photographer: ProudRad

20 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Looks You Can Totally Take Inspiration From for Your Wedding

One thing I love about weddings? The fashion! Yes, I may usually look at the bride’s gown and the groom’s suit first, but I also love looking at the entourage’s clothes. You can really have so much fun with it! Whether you choose floral patterns or sequins for your bridesmaids, and suspenders or cheeky bow ties for your groomsmen, the possibilities are endless! So I rounded up ten bridesmaids and ten groomsmen looks to help give you some inspiration for your own wedding. Take notes ladies, you’ll find a lot of stuff here!

Stylish Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Outfits for Your Entourage

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A Pre-Wedding Shoot Around Seoul, Korea

Sweet couple Benedict and Adrielle flew all the way to Seoul, South Korea for their dream engagement shoot, and we’re sharing with you some of the best shots by Ralph Lee Photography! The famous tourist spot looked extra lovely with its pink blooms and serene waters–it was just perfect for having a pre-wedding photo session! Complementing the classic backdrop, the couple also chose to be clad in neutral palettes. My favorite part of their look is bride-to-be Adrielle’s pearl-studded outfit, which really suits her hair and makeup. I can’t wait to see how their wedding photos will turn out! So scroll away and admire this Korean engagement sesh with us!

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Photographer: Ralph Lee Photography

The Look



These Jewel-Toned RTW Dresses Will Give You Inspiration For Days

Fridays automatically get better when you surround yourselves with pretty gowns–just like today, with Elizabeth Kennedy’s fashion forward RTW Fall 2017 collection gracing our screens! Each dress is undeniably bold and unique in its own right, and we are loving the fresh take and awesome new inspiration you can get from all of it! From big ball gowns to those sophisticated body huggers, you’ll see them all here. You can take inspiration from any of these beautiful creations for your wedding gown, or even your entourage’s outfits! We know you’re getting excited, so go ahead and fawn at all these beauties! Enjoy!

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Do You Know What Kind of Cake Matches Your Wedding Theme?

We just can’t stress enough how important having a wedding theme is! You’ve heard me before, when I talked about making your dream wedding come to life, putting together your mood board, and your color combos. From your headpiece, to your invites, and even your cake–everything’s going to stem from your wedding theme. So to prove how important your wedding theme is, I decided to look for cakes (because let’s face it, who think of cakes when you think of wedding themes, right?) that will suit different kinds of wedding themes. (If you’re still deciding on your wedding theme, this might help you!)

Wedding Cakes for Different Wedding Themes

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