Pastel Colors in This Wedding Exude Classic Elegance

We previously featured Ino and Netty in their breathtaking engagement shoot. And finally, this couple was able to celebrate the wedding of their dreams after waiting for two years. The first thing we noticed was how the mood of their engagement shoot was consistent with their wedding day—classic and elegant. Their special day was filled with pastel colors and details that are delightful to see — from the soft hues of the entourage dresses, the lovely illustrations on the invitation suite, up to the centerpieces comprised of pink, white, and purple blooms and crystal candelabras.

What’s even more heartwarming about this wedding was the fact that Ino and Netty’s twin daughters were able to witness this beautiful day. And they looked absolutely charming wearing cape dresses and tiaras!

“I was definitely the happiest bride that day, because everything just went perfectly. Until now, our friends and family would tell us how it was definitely one of the best weddings they have ever been part of,” Bride Netty said.  Scroll through these photos by Team Benitez Photo.

Ino and Netty

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The Look



Make Your Dream Wedding Happen with Toast: Pre-Registration is Open!

Your most-awaited wedding fair is making its return this 2023! The Toast Wedding Fair is back to make dream weddings come true from February 18 to 19 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia. Over 5,000 brides and grooms enjoyed all the exciting perks of the two-day fair last October 2022 and that includes exclusive discounts from the suppliers and amazing freebies. You can expect more irresistible offers from top suppliers at the upcoming Toast Wedding Fair. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this. Go ahead and register now to enter the fair for FREE! Pre-registration ends on February 7. Sign-up below!

Make Your Dream Wedding Happen with Toast: Pre-registration is Open

Garden Venue Options for Your Intimate Wedding

What’s great about a garden venue is the natural beauty it features. There are plenty of greens and beautiful blooms that surround the open space, and it goes well with different aesthetics, too — rustic, bohemian, minimalist, classic romantic. Plus, a garden venue can cater to both the ceremony and reception. You can have a remarkable and solemn ceremony under the warmth of daylight, and an intimate gathering at night.

Garden weddings bring so much sophistication. So if you’re planning on having one, here are some enchanting garden venues from real weddings for your options. Read on and find inspiration from them.

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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Marriage Certificate

After saying I do, and while relishing in the bliss of being newlyweds, don’t forget that there are a few post-wedding tasks that you need to accomplish. Among them is obtaining your marriage certificate so you can officially, and legally, change your status from single to married. What exactly is the marriage certificate? How do you get one? You probably have all these questions in mind, and we’re here to help! We list down everything you need to know about marriage certificates below. Read on.

Here's What You Need to Know About the Marriage Certificate

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Types of Shoes and Wedding Dresses That Make a Beautiful Match

When you’re putting together your overall bridal look, we recommend considering what shoes will pair well with your dress. If you already have a specific design for your dress, you’ll want to choose a pair of shoes that is consistent with the look. Here are some things to consider: how formal your event is, your overall aesthetic, and the length of your dress. To give you a better idea, we listed down some beautiful shoes to pair with different types of wedding dresses! Read on.

Types of Shoes and Wedding Dresses That Make a Beautiful Match

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