Quiz: Design Your Dream Home and We’ll Tell You How Compatible You Are!

Having someone to have and to hold every single day for the rest of your life is such an exciting adventure!

You do everything together. You lounge on the sofa. You pick out which plates and glasses to use for everyday meals. You share a bedroom. You literally breathe the same air and move in the same space you call home. But what if you open the door to your home and your toes start to curl up at the sight of the bright colored leather sofa your husband surprised you with? Or the odd looking décor in the corner of the living room? Oh, boy, you’re in for an interesting conversation for sure. To keep the peace and to avoid surprises, take this fun compatibility quiz from Crate and Barrel to check if you really are made for each other, style wise!

Note: This Quiz is 2 parts. Part 1 is for the Bride and Part 2 is for the groom. Answer as honestly and quickly as you can!



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Ikaw at Ako: This Couple Goes Incognito in their Own Wedding Photos!

Love is not only found in the smiles on the lips or tears rolling down one’s cheeks. Couple Daniel and Maricon prove this to be true when they chose the road not taken: wedding photos with “heads intentionally turned away” and “faces candidly covered.” This gives a whole new layer of meaning to their photos, schooling everyone that there’s really no one way of defining love nor capturing wedding photos.

Also, while many couples choose to display their names as their wedding backdrop, this couple chose the generic “Ikaw at Ako,” a reception name that complements their symbolic hidden faces. For them, “Love needs no introduction. Love is in the trees. Love is in the café. Love is in the eyes of a furry pet. Love is ever-present.”

Compose your own definition of love in this fun, no-face reveal wedding photo set by DianRelucano Photography!

Daniel and Maricon

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The Look



This Bride Made Her Own Bouquet and Styled the Wedding Reception!

We really love seeing brides use their talents to personalize their wedding. Being able to design your own wedding aesthetic is truly a meaningful way to bring your vision to life. Bride Gramielle proves that! This creative bride, who runs her own styling and floristry business, crafted her own bouquet and we’re fans of how it turned out. The arrangement reminds us of the free-spirited boho vibe, while the pops of yellow and orange add so much vibrance. This bride conceptualized the styling of her wedding reception, too, of course. Dainty vessels holding various dried flowers as the centerpieces, and the solid yellow and orange colors instantly brighten up the venue. Gramielle tells us, “I am about sustainability. So, after the wedding, I was able to craft the dried flowers into bouquet arrangements and sell them on a marked off price. It easily sold out.”

See more of the beautiful details from Jue and Gramielle’s wedding through the lens of Ed Millard Photography and Mayo Dos.

Jue and Gramielle

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The Look


This Bride’s Dream Since High School Was to Wear a Filipiniana on Her Wedding Day!

Bride Olga shares, “I have always wanted my wedding to be Filipiniana-themed ever since high school. Back then, I grew fond of wearing ternos but had no place to wear them except for ‘Buwan ng Wika.’ I even owned a custom-made piece that I only get to wear once a year. It was cream and purple with an embellished pañuelo. I didn’t have a boyfriend back then, but I was fixated on the fact that I WILL have a Modern Filipiniana Wedding in the future!”

I’m sure many of you can relate with Olga about having a dream dress way before meeting your soon-to-be. And just how magical it is to have this dream fulfilled over a decade later. Olga looks absolutely radiant in her terno gown with the trademark butterfly sleeves and lace. I think it was worth the wait to wear such a special gown on a truly important day! A dream come true, and a memory that will last forever. Take a look at how Carlo and Olga’s beautiful day turned out as captured by ProudRad.

Carlo and Olga

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The Look


This Bride’s Only Wedding Day Request Was a Photo With Her Doggo!

Fur Moms, here’s a cute wedding pictorial idea for you and your doggo! Bride Jeaven tells us that the only request she made to her photographer was a great photo with her dog, Lexus. Of course Isaiah Studio made it happen, and they captured the pair so adorably, too. Lexus even wears a barong to match his Momma’s Maria Clara-inspired gown! Jeaven also shares that she has always dreamed of having a Filipiniana wedding, and how incredible it is to see it become a reality. Apart from Jeaven’s cute pics with Lexus, we also love seeing a green motif consistently among the entourage dresses, barongs, abanicos, and invitations! Start scrolling to see all the beautiful details from Patrick and Jeaven’s special day.

Patrick and Jeaven

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The Look