7 Things You Don’t Realize Will Happen Right After Your Wedding

What will happen after you’ve said your I do’s and have had the best wedding ever? Married life, of course! But there are a few things you may not know will almost always happen once you’ve settled into your new home…


1. You will eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Let’s face it: You were on a 6-month diet, and you deserve that cheeseburger with a side of fries. A milkshake wouldn’t hurt either!


2. You will miss the busy wedding planning appointments.

Wait, what? No meetings with my wedding planner this weekend? You’ll feel as if a part of you has died. You might even send out a text to your suppliers saying you miss them.


3. You will be shy calling you new in-laws “Mom” and “Dad”.

From Tito or Tita, you now have to call them Mom and Dad… awwwkkkwaarrddd.


4. You get a high every time you introduce your partner as “my wife” or “my husband”.

Attending events or bumping into people with whom you need to introduce your partner as your husband or wife is one of the best feelings during the first few weeks of being married. Proud is an understatement!


5. You will still feel a bit awkward when they call you Mrs. (new last name).

During a doctor’s appointment, you get called by the receptionist by your new last name. Sometimes she has to call you twice before you realize it’s you!


6. You will have to adjust having another person sleep beside you.

This new living arrangement certainly has its perks. But sometimes, you’ll take a bit of time to find the best position so both of you sleep comfortably.


7. You’ll go over your food budget on the first month since you’ll be constantly going out on date nights.

No more curfew! You can go out anytime you want. Plus, it’s just way too fun doing and trying things together. Yup, your food budget just doubled. Don’t worry, you’ll eventually adjust!


While there are still probably a few that we’ve missed out on, we’re leaving you to discover that for yourself. Married life is the best! Share a few of your newlywed life quirks with us!

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