Neutrals, Draping, Playful Textures: This is The Blend of Modern and Timeless You Could Be Looking for!

Harmony, cohesion, and romance are at the core of this elegant wedding aesthetic. Every single detail is meant to complement one another. From the jewelry, the color motif, the curtains, the outfits, the hair and makeup, all of these elements are put together to create something akin to a harmonious symphony, and to shine the spotlight on what really matters: The couple and their shared love for one another.

So, let’s take a closer look at this ethereal theme! We talked to Fashion Stylist Cath Sobrevega, the Founder of Weddings by Cath, Isle, and Baro Label as well as Kay Isabedra, Founder and Creative Director of Gathered Creative Co. to know more about their creative process while developing this photoshoot concept for Toast Wedding Fair and gain a couple of insights to help you achieve a chic and beautiful wedding aesthetic like this!

Neutrals, Draping, Playful Textures: This is The Blend of Modern and Timeless You Could Be Looking for!

Soft and Subtle Textures for a Feeling of Whimsy and Romance
The whole idea of this aesthetic centers on romance and a feeling of timeless elegance with minimalist decor. This aesthetic highlights the use of negative space by letting the strategically draped soft flowing fabrics exude most of the backdrop magic.

The use of soft, organic textures like flowing fabrics and natural materials brings a sense of warmth and intimacy. Each carefully curated detail, from the gentle drapings to the strategic use of negative space, contributes to a harmonious balance that exudes both elegance and whimsy,” says Cath.

Pull Quote: "The whole design looks so soft and subtle. When you add a bit of texture plus raw and honest emotions, it creates a romantic symphony that shows harmony and cohesiveness." Kay Isabedra, Gathered Creative Co.

Simple, Straightforward Details for Putting the Spotlight on the Couple
Wedding concepts and themes should primarily serve the purpose of highlighting the couple and to express the raw and genuine emotions they feel. That’s the beauty of this simple set design. The reason behind choosing neutral colors for the drapings is to make sure the focus is truly on the couple. You’ll also notice that this aesthetic is not overwhelmed by too many florals or lush arrangements. It’s all about simplicity.

For me, it shouldn’t be about the amount of flowers or how much props and elements you put into your set design. Emotions and intention in every detail are what make the concept and set design stand out,” says Kay.

Layers and Contrasts for Creating Interesting Fashion
Cath and her husband, Chino, are our featured Toast Wedding Fair couple for this photoshoot. Collaborating with Cath for both the wardrobe and the photoshoot itself definitely gives this concept a more personal touch. Cath wanted each outfit to stand out while at the same time create a cohesive story. She first thought of which fabrics and textures to use in order to complement the overall design and setting.

I love playing with layers and contrasts, so I incorporated delicate lace, tulles, and structured elements to create depth and interest. Jewelry from Loverocks was carefully chosen to enhance the outfits without overwhelming them,” says Cath.

Pull- Quote: “Ultimately, my goal was to create a visual feast that not only showcased our brand's aesthetic but also told a story of romance, individuality, and modern elegance. I believe we achieved that, and I'm thrilled with how the shoot turned out.” Cath Sobrevega, Weddings by Cath

As for Chino’s outfits, Cath’s team at Baro Label created all of the suits he wore for the photoshoot. Each garment was carefully designed to exude modern fashion and timeless sophistication, which reflects Chino’s style and personality.

Our designers collaborated closely with Chino to ensure every aspect was flawless, from fabric selection to the final touches. Each ensemble not only suited Chino’s classic personal style but also embodied Baro Label’s dedication to quality and fashion,” says Cath.

Meaningful Touches for Personalization and Character
Cath visualized one of the layouts through the lens of timeless elegance. She had the perfect ensembles in mind, their very own wedding outfits! “We wanted to evoke a sense of timeless elegance while adding a personal touch. Our own wedding outfits seemed like the perfect choice, as they carry sentimental value and embody the essence of our design philosophy,” says Cath.“Throughout the fashion styling process, I kept the setting and lighting in mind. The styling of the venue had a dreamy, almost fairytale-like feel, so the outfits needed to complement and elevate that atmosphere.”

Collaborative Talent of Expert Suppliers for Bringing This Vision to Life
Much time, thought, and resources go into developing a wedding theme and bringing it to life right before your eyes. For a wedding vision like this to turn into reality, the collaboration of reliable and highly-skilled suppliers who understand what you’re going for, is a must.

Working with experts in their fields will definitely help you achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding. The right photo and video team, your designer, your fashion stylist, your event stylist, hair and make up team can all contribute to bringing your vision to life,” says Cath.

What better way to gather your dream wedding team than by meeting them in-person at Toast Wedding Fair? Discovering and getting to know various suppliers, across different categories, and establishing a personal connection with them will help assure you that your wedding vision will come true!

To make your wedding fair experience even more worthwhile, suppliers at Toast Wedding Fair will be offering exclusive deals, packages, and flash sales!

Kay says so herself, “Nothing beats meeting your potential suppliers face-to-face. By going to Toast Wedding Fair, you get the chance to explore different suppliers across all wedding services and it’s the best time to get to know them and check if their style, aesthetic and personality align with what you want to happen during your wedding.

Cath also reiterates, “Couples should attend Toast Wedding Fair because they have the best wedding suppliers lined up for you. I can’t stress enough the importance of working with the right suppliers for your wedding because they will be bringing your vision to life.

The experts have spoken! So, if you want to achieve a beautiful and elegant wedding of your own, be sure to attend Toast Wedding Fair. We hope to see you on July 20 to 21, 2024 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Toast Wedding Fair Photoshoot Team:
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego / Videographer: Treehouse Story / Fashion Stylist: Weddings by Cath / Wardrobe: Baro Label, Isle / Flowers and Setup: Gathered Creative Co. / Catering: K by Cunanan / Makeup Artist: Madge Lejano / Venue: Sketch Collective

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