Community Post: Biggest Wedding Day Fears

It takes months to plan your wedding, and sometimes, even a little over a year. We totally get that brides tend to worry about the craziest things that could happen on their wedding day, so we wanted to find out what they were! We posted this question on our Instagram account and here are some of their answers.

@mrs.aloe: “At my wedding everything went perfectly until my father and I were in the bridal cars on the way to our ceremony at the church. Yes, my father and I were in the car when the brakes decided to fail. The car was not slowing down and we were either going to hit the bridal party car in front of us or the pole on the side of the road. Luckily the driver thought quickly and headed along the footpath and missed the pole by a centimeter. We stopped so suddenly and it was like a blur. We were three streets away from the church so I had very little time to compose myself from the fear that I had just faced. As soon as I saw my groom, I felt okay and was able to proceed with the day. Just remember ladies, no matter what happens, weather wise or little things you can’t control, make the most of your day!”


@princessas17: “Bad weather!”

@t_elainamarie: “No husband.”


@challiegenababes: “My lola and mom not being there to walk me down the aisle.”

Brides, don’t fret. I’m sure with proper planning, everything will turn out just fine. Always remember that you’ll need a contingency plan for the worst possible scenarios (like a typhoon at your beach wedding)! If anyone else wants to share their fear or even a solution to any of these brides’ fears, please don’t hesitate to comment below!

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