Love Local: Online Swimsuit and Loungewear Shops to Check Out for Your Next Romantic Getaway

With select beaches and resorts slowly and safely opening its doors to the public, some have started to plan mini-moons, couple trips, and even family vacations. There are a lot of things that are done differently when traveling amidst a pandemic, but some things like the calming powers of the sun and the sea remain […]

Here Are 8 Breezy Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Your Wedding!

It’s no secret that the outfits of your entourage can help bring out your wedding’s character, from the color to the fabric to the silhouette. It’s easy to get caught up in choosing dresses that suit your bridesmaids and complement your theme, but there’s another factor you might be forgetting: comfort! Especially if you’re having […]

10 Colorful and Uniquely Dashing Groom Suits to Match Your Wedding Theme

Gone are the days when tablecloth and flowers were the only details that needed to match the theme. In weddings nowadays, everything from the décor to the invitations and even the entourage and guest attire, are carefully planned to stay consistent to a single aesthetic. Even the groom’s attire, which used to be a simple […]

6 Tips to Help You Choose a Memorable Pair of Wedding Shoes

Choosing shoes for your wedding day is not a decision to be taken lightly! Not only will you be wearing them for several hours, but making an uninformed choice can result in blisters and sore feet before you even say “I Do.” Shoes are as big a part of your wedding look as any accessory, […]

The Latest Patricia Santos Gowns Celebrate the Beauty of These Real Brides!

In celebration of Women’s Month, Fashion Designer Patricia Santos launched PS Officiel’s 2021 Bridal Collection—a collection made for every woman, to make them feel beautiful and confident, celebrated and empowered. Staying consistent with the aesthetic of her dreamy backyard wedding earlier this year, this RTW Bridal Collection embodies the same classic romantic style and timeless elegance. To […]