An Enchanting Garden Wedding in Baguio

Love is such a beautiful thing! And love is what we’ll be getting this morning! Gab and Ella had a gorgeous garden wedding in Baguio City, and it’s almost too pretty for me to handle! I know Baguio’s got a colder climate, but seeing these shots from Owen and Nikka Photography fills my heart with […]

Fun Romance

Be still, my heart. Be very still! I gotta be honest with you, loves. Upon seeing this engagement shoot by Owen and Nikka Photography, I have lost count on how many times my heart skipped a beat, and how many times I was left breathless and in awe! Totally digging all the concepts of this […]

The Look



    10 Destinations For The Perfect Honeymoon

    Wondering where to wander after the big day? Good news, loves! We’ve listed down ten breathtaking destinations for your first trip as a couple. From beaches to mountains, we’ve got you covered! These local destinations would be perfect to unwind, spend time, and create your first memories. Scroll down and book that trip ASAP for the […]

    10 Beautiful Indoor Wedding Venues You’ll Love

    We all know choosing a venue is an important decision to make for a bride. There are so many deciding factors to consider–weather, time, theme… and more often than not, many go for indoor weddings as a “Plan B”. But who wants to settle for a backup-plan wedding, right? Aside from being a safe and sure choice, an indoor […]