This Couple Trained Their Dogs To Be Part of Their Entourage!

Family comes in all forms, and for this couple, family is their seven beloved dogs! As professional dog trainers, Francis and Irene prepared their furry babies through proper discipline, grooming, and maintenance to prepare them to walk down the aisle without worries. On the day of their wedding, Team Benitez Photo captured how Sophie, Kyuubi, Serena, Skit, Sugar, Stark, and Stella stole the show and became the most memorable entourage members ever! Plus, Stella and Serena looked especially adorable wearing floral headdresses, too! Francis and Irene definitely showed so much love on their big day, both for each other and for their dogs. So, if you’re a dog lover yourself and would want to have your dog/s part of your wedding entourage, check out some of Francis and Irene’s useful tips below as you scroll through their beautiful wedding photos!

This Couple Trained Their Dogs To Be Part of Their Entourage!

We have seven dogs in total: Sophie (Black Labrador Retriever), Kyuubi (Siberian Husky), Serena (Golden Retriever), Sugar (Aspin), Stark (4-year old Alaskan Malamute), Skit (Beagle) and Stella (2-year old Golden Retriever)" Irene and Francis, Bride and Groom

"Stella and Serena were flower girls and Stark was the Ring Security. The rest walked with the groomsmen and bridesmaids." Irene and Francis, Bride and Groom

"They make everyday better. We never thought of going to places and meeting inspiring people if not for them. They remind us that it’s the simple things in life that matters--like getting home safe after a long day. They are a reminder to live in the moment and not to judge or discriminate." Irene and Francis, Bride and Groom

"We made sure our dogs receive early socialization and basic obedience training. This will help the dogs adjust well with people and new places. A fearful dog or reactive dog may not be safe for families, guests, or suppliers. A well-trained dog will make it easy for everyone in the wedding. We have to make sure that they are healthy and physically fit. An updated vaccination with anti-flea and tick prevention is a must. We also recommend vitamins and probiotics." Irene and Francis, Bride and Groom

"Use of appropriate collars and leashes will help control and direct the dogs. Grooming must be done 2-3 days prior to the wedding date and retouch on the day. Handlers should be assigned for each dog. Not all dogs will enjoy a headdress or accessories, this must be trained a few weeks to months prior to the wedding day." Irene and Franics, Bride and Groom

"Running a dog school is fun but has its own challenges like making people understand that dogs are family too. We wanted to show that when you invest in training your dogs, it is possible for them to be included in milestones and other special moments in life. They don’t have to be left behind. They are as important as other members of the family." Irene and Francis, Bride and Groom

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Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Videographer: Jake Olaso / Bride’s Dress: Aoui Regala / Groom’s Attire: Oras Studios / Makeup Artist: Tin Albano / Catering: K by Cunanan / Stylist: Il Fiore Flower Boutique / Host: Darlene Tan-Salazar / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Kiss the Girl Events / Dog Training: Dog Coach Francis
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