7 Cute Pups That Stole The Show on Their Owners’ Big Day!

For all the dog lovers out there, let’s admit it, it’s our dream for our furry best friends to be there with us as we walk down the aisle. They’ve been with us through the good times and bad, so it’s just right we have them tag along on our most special day! They sure will make for an adorable, honorable pup guest. Here are seven times the ever loyal pooches of these couples made a super cute feature on their big day!

1. The Pup and the Bowtie

Photo: MangoRed | Real Wedding: Beauty and Brightness

This pug looks oh-so-suave with his polka dot bowtie on! Simple yet quirky, this is enough of an accessory to complement the pooch’s cuteness.


2. Corgi Cuteness

Photo: Jay Mayuga | Real Wedding: Rustic, Romantic, and Remarkable

This big baby looks just as excited as his groom-to-be owner. Carrying Tori the Corgi around probably made this pup the most adorable accessory for the wedding!


3. Golden Delight

Photo: MangoRed | Real Wedding: The Extravagant and Enchanting

How happy is this golden pooch! Doesn’t he look absolutely adorable with his ribbon and flower collar on? Definitely all smiles for this couple and pup!


4. Mr. Classic Pooch

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Real Wedding: An Elegant and Tasteful Wedding with Dusty Colored Accents

Mr. Beagle over here prefers to keep things classic with his red bowtie and black suit pairing. Just take a look at him chilling like a true boss!


5. The Dapper Dog

Photo: Gibsam Photography | Real Wedding: A Church Wedding in Baguio with Different Hints of Red

I love how this pup’s beige clean-cut suit matches his owner’s attire! If that’s not what you call loyalty with style, then I don’t know what is.


6. Puppy Flower Power

Photo: Chestknots Studio | Real Wedding: Basking on Boheme

Now I have to say, that flower garland around the puppy’s neck makes for such a chic fashion statement! Who ever said only flower girls can pull florals off?


7. Sweet Paw Shake

Photo: We Are Seekers | Real Wedding: Wonder by the Water

Awww, my heart is melting with this pooch-and-pal’s moment. Look at him giving his owner a congratulatory paw shake. Truly, I am anything for man’s best friend being a part of a most special celebration like this!


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    1. Hi Iana, thanks for your inquiry. For reception venues, you can consider going for garden or beach venues. They are the most probable ones to allow dogs. Most Churches don’t allow dogs inside, but you can always try to ask them to be sure. Happy planning!

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