Cheers to the Happy Couple: 6 Champagne Alternatives for Your Wedding Toast

The wedding toast is always such a heartfelt moment that brings all your family and friends together as they raise their glasses to congratulate you on your marriage and send you their wishes of love and joy. While champagne or wine are the typical choices for this wedding tradition, you can make your wedding toast extra meaningful by going for alternatives that mean something to you as a couple. Nowadays, you don’t have to be limited by the norms. You’re free to decide on exactly how your wedding will look like, and that includes the drinks that will be served. With that said, here are some fun alternatives you can consider for your wedding toast!

Cheers to the Happy Couple: 6 Champagne Alternatives for Your Wedding Toast


Who says the toast always has to include an alcoholic beverage? You can opt to go the non-alcoholic route, if that’s what you prefer more. Think about the kinds of drinks you enjoy on special occasions or even on a regular day to make you feel good and put you in a festive mood. Here are some non-alcoholic options you can try.


If you’re the type of couple who are more coffee-lovers than wine aficionados, a toast with your favorite coffee drink in a fancy martini glass might suit you well. You can get bottled espressos or lattes from your go-to coffee shops and have them stored safely until it’s time for your wedding toast. Another option is to have a coffee bar caterer, so you can have all your guests enjoy your favorite blend along with you throughout the event.


Milk Tea
If there are coffee-lovers, there are also milk tea fans. Milk tea is always a great pick-me-up and comfort drink, especially in the middle of a long work day. The gamut of toppings, sinkers, and flavors never fail to make us crave for this sweet treat. So, if you’re a couple who enjoys spending time together with cups of milk tea in hand, then why not have it for your wedding toast? You can even share your favorite flavor and sinker combinations with your guests. This is also a kid-friendly option, if ever you’ll have young guests at your wedding.


Another delicious and impressive non-alcoholic option would be a mocktail. You can get inspiration from classic cocktails and give them a non-alcoholic spin using fresh fruits like mangoes or strawberries. Asking cocktail caterers for help in crafting mocktails would also be a great idea, so you’ll know which elements to put together.



Of course alcoholic options are still popular, and a party is always livened up with a little booze. If you want to deviate from the traditional champagne and wine, here are some ideas that might suit your personalities more.


Signature Cocktails

For a unique and memorable toast, you can think of concocting a signature cocktail using flavors, liquors or spirits you enjoy sipping on the most. Think of what best represents you as a couple, from ingredients to the overall aesthetic of the drink. You can also choose cocktails that match your wedding program and suit the taste of your guests. A signature cocktail would definitely add a fun personalized touch!


This is for the couple who loves to sit back with a nice, cold bottle of beer. You might want to consider your favorite local beer and serving it in mugs or go with the tried classic, bottled and served below zero. This would especially suit an outdoor or rustic themed wedding.


While a shot may be highly unconventional for a toast, it could still be an exciting moment that you and your guests will always remember! You can serve a shot of vodka, tequila, or any mixture of your choice and have all your (willing) guests drink at the same time. Just one wouldn’t hurt! A signature wedding shot could also be a fun idea, especially if you’re not a fan of wine or the usual cocktail.


If you need more tips about serving alcohol at your wedding, you can check out our articles on how much alcohol you should buy and how to nail your wedding wine.


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