We’re Taking a Look Back at Just Some of the Memorable Garden Weddings of 2018!

Garden weddings have been a longstanding favorite with our brides (and even us here at the B&B HQ). And since it’s almost the end of the year, you know what that means, folks! Our annual look back at some of the most memorable garden weddings of 2018! So stroll down memory lane with us, and see why these weddings truly stand out.

P.S. – Watch out for our beach wedding round up, which is coming out soon!

We're Taking a Look Back at Just Some of the Memorable Garden Weddings of 2018!


1. Martin and Bianca’s Elegant Wedding in Antonio’s

Photo: Jaja Samaniego

Why we loved it: The chic ceremony and reception setup, dusty color palette, and the bride’s off shoulder wedding gown all came together to produce an elegant celebration we couldn’t help but love.


2. Aga and Kat’s Modern Backyard Wedding

Photo: Sunday Morning Studios

Why we loved it: How often do you come across a couple that gets married in their own backyard? Add in some modern elements, the two-toned color palette of the bridesmaids’ dresses, and the greens that serve as the botanical accents, and you’ve got a wedding that’s definitely one for the books!


3. Keith and Aian’s Classy Gray and Blue Wedding

Photo: Efjay De Leon Photography

Why we loved it: Just take a look at the reception styling and tell us that that doesn’t take your breath away! This couple managed to elevate the rustic theme by including crystals and cherry blossom like plants in their reception setup. So, so classy!


4. Mix and Iya’s Unique and Fabulous Wedding

Photo: Nice Print Photography

Why we loved it: Besides that stunning ceremony layout, this one stuck out because of the bride’s outfit. She chose to wear separates, statement earrings, velveteen boots, and a bold red lip. We love how she wasn’t afraid to shy away from the more traditional wedding day looks. Would you be this bold on your big day, ladies?


5. John and Jenny’s Dreamy Wedding in South Africa

Photo: Andrea Kellan Photography

Why we loved it: When you’ve got a venue as beautiful as South Africa, you better make the most out of it. This couple sure did, which is why we are loving how dreamy everything turned out to be.


6. Robie and Michele’s Breathtaking Mountaintop Wedding

Photo: Rainbowfish Photography

Why we loved it: A wedding doesn’t need to be grand for it to be beautiful. This couple chose a simple rustic setup with a breathtaking mountain view for their venue, and that’s all it took, folks–simplicity at its finest.


7. Mac and Anna’s Charmingly Rustic Wedding

Photo: Ivy Tuason Photography

Why we loved it: This one was all about the details. The D.I.Y. signboards, baby’s breath flowers, and the picnic table style reception setup produced a charmingly rustic wedding that can totally be your next wedding peg!


8. Alvin and Jessica’s Beautiful Wedding in New Zealand

Photo: The Perfect Grey Photography

Why we loved it: If there’s one thing this wedding proved, it’s that your venue is everything. If you have the perfect venue like this couple did, then you don’t actually need much else. Other details we loved are the hints of color the couple incorporated too!


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