Here Are Some Ways You Can Include Your Dogs in Your Wedding Festivities!

For many, dogs are considered family, and we totally get why! Dogs are the most loyal, loving companions out there. You can always count on them to be there for you through the ups and downs. It’s no wonder why so many dog lovers choose to include their furbabies in their wedding in some way or another! Are you thinking about having your dog—or dogs—be a part of your wedding? Maybe you and your partner have a pup together, or maybe your dog is a family pet who has been by your side through it all. Whatever it may be, we’re listing a whole bunch of ways you can incorporate dogs into your wedding celebration, whether they are present at your nuptials or there in spirit through details and decor! Keep reading to check them out.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Include Your Dogs in Your Wedding Festivities!

Have your dog walk down the aisle.

This one is definitely a show-stealer! You can give your dog a number of roles, from Dog of Honor to Flower Girl to Ring Bearer, which all include a trot down the aisle. Here are few things to consider before making this decision though:

  • Is your dog comfortable with crowds and new environments?
  • Is your dog behaved or obedient enough for this role?
  • Do your ceremony and reception venues allow pets?
  • Will your dog be comfortable making the trip to your venue and back?
  • Do you have someone to take care of your dog before, during, and after the wedding?

If your answer is yes to all of these questions, go ahead and consider trying this cute tradition out! 

Photographer: Team Benitez Photo | Dog Training: Dog Coach Francis | Real Wedding: This Couple Trained Their Dogs To Be Part of Their Entourage!


Dress your dog up as an attendee.

Not sure about having your dog walk down the aisle? No problem! If you want your pet to attend, you can have them get dressed for the occasion and attend your wedding as a guest! Have them don tuxes or tutus for a fancy look, or go for something simple like a floral wreath or leash. Again, check if your venues allow pets, and entrust someone to watch them during the festivities to keep decorations and non-pet-friendly food away from their reach. You’ll also want to check with your guests to make sure none of them are allergic to dogs!

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios | Real Wedding: Neutral Colors and Lush Greenery Made This Backyard Wedding Look So Elegant!


Have a photoshoot together.

This is a great way to memorialize your pet’s attendance at your wedding! Have your dog join some of your photos, whether it is as you get ready, with your family, or as newlyweds! If your venues don’t allow dogs, you can have someone bring your dog over for a brief visit between your ceremony and reception. You can then have a fun outdoor photoshoot without having to worry about your dog during the wedding.

Photographer: Lula Images | Real Wedding: This Couple’s Non-Negotiable Was Having Their Dog With Them as They Said Their I Do’s!


Include your dog in your invitation and stationery design.

If your dog can’t make it to your wedding for one reason or another, that’s alright! There are still so many ways you can incorporate your pet into your wedding. For one, you can add a picture or illustration of your dog to your invitations or even your menu and place cards. You can also opt for a family portrait or a solo drawing of your dog for something even simpler!

Photographer: Owen and Nikka Photography | Real Wedding: This Quirky Couple Had a Dog-Themed Wedding and It Looked so Adorable!


Display a dog photo in your welcome table or sign.

Welcome your guests with a family photo of the three of you! It can be an old photo or a new one, candid or posed. If your dog was a part of your engagement photoshoot, this is the perfect place to put these pictures to good use. Remember, if you’re the kind of couple looking to incorporate eco-friendly touches into your wedding, signs are paraphernalia can always be digital instead of printed. 

Photographer: Oak St. Studios | Real Wedding: The Pouring Rain Brought Out the Carefree Moments in this Engagement Shoot


Top your cake with a figure of your dog.

There are so many fun ways you can incorporate your dogs into your wedding cake! You can go for a classic bride and groom topper, with your precious pup in between. Or you can top your cake with a silhouette that includes your dog. You can also get creative by having a mini dog figure pretending to take a bite from the cake or peeping from under the fondant. 

Photographer: Dustein Sibug Photography | Real Wedding: This Intimate Wedding in CDO Was Made More Memorable by the Couple’s Fur Babies!


Honor your dog with an accessory.

This is something sweet you can do if you want to subtly honor your dog, even one who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Brides can wear a piece of jewelry, like a locket or pendant, while grooms can have cufflinks shaped or engraved in the form of a dog.  An outline of your pet can be embroidered on a small part of your ensemble, or a small figurine can also be attached to the bridal bouquet! 

Photographer: Pearl Studio | Real Wedding: This Beautiful Bride Had the Cutest Dog of Honor by Her Side!


Give back by donating to an animal organization.

If you’re passionate about animal rights, you can choose to make your own donation to an animal charity or ask guests to make a donation in lieu of wedding gifts. If you adopted your pet from a particular animal rescue or shelter, you can even choose that same organization to be the beneficiary! This is a great way to help out and bring exposure to a cause you truly care about, making your special day even more meaningful.


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