These 6 Popular Photographers Have Been Shooting Weddings for a Decade and Beyond!  

Among the talented photographers in the industry are those who’ve been behind the lens for over 10 years. They have built an extensive portfolio filled with stunning images and still continue to deliver nostalgic remembrances for couples both here and abroad. If skill and years of experience are what you consider in choosing your wedding […]

These Newlyweds Share Their Stories of Love and Resilience After the Taal Eruption

The days that followed the Taal volcanic eruption were cast dimly in gray as ash rained down, blanketing roads and homes. But in the midst of this tragic situation, love remained resilient. Today, we are sharing inspiring stories about couples who managed to push through with their weddings despite how their events were affected by […]

A Classic Romantic Wedding Filled with Music and Blue Accents!

Today’s feature is a story about how two friends fell in love with each other at the right time. Tony and Ying were acquainted with each other when they both played for the same band in Singapore–Tony on guitar and Ying on drums. Little did they know that their common interest in music and architecture […]

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This Bride Chose Her Favorite Autumn Colors as Wedding Motif and It Looked Amazing!

Managing a long guest list may be intimidating especially to a couple whose vision is to have a warm and intimate wedding feel. But learning from the special day of Javier and Cat, choosing the right color palette can be the perfect work around to make a big wedding still feel small and intimate. “When […]

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15 Things You Can D.I.Y. for Your Wedding to Help Cut on Costs

Brides-to-be, it’s time you put your creativity to work! If you want to cut costs and make your wedding look creative and more personalized too, then go D.I.Y. and take a tip or two from these couples who D.I.Y.-ed their big day. One thing I love about D.I.Y. weddings is how the couple’s personality is […]