Our Team Shares All the Details About Putting Together This Modern Classic Wedding Theme

Modern and Classic — two ideas that seem to oppose one another. How does something that is supposedly “classic” suddenly become trendy or contemporary? And what makes something trendy so timeless?

The beauty about classic wedding details (think roses, candles, calligraphy, ball gowns, and suits) is that they form a solid foundation for your theme. The “Modern” elements come in when you personalize how these details are arranged, and put together. The reason why the classics are “timeless” is because they’re so versatile and adaptable to designs and themes that are currently present in the wedding scene. You’ll always spot a hint of the classics.

“We’ve seen different trends and themes come and go but the classics will forever be the foundation of timeliness and class. This is a type of theme that is designed to be meaningful and stylish decades from now,” says Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Bride and Breakfast’s Head of Content.

So, if you’re looking for a wedding aesthetic that will always be in style, take a look at how the Bride and Breakfast team came up with this Modern Classic theme.

Putting Together the Modern Classic Wedding Theme

Before we pinned down the Modern Classic theme, we had to ask ourselves first what kind of details, and aesthetics are relevant now? What would brides want to see? What would you love to save for your own mood board?

We had quite a few options to choose from, but the classics got our majority vote. I’ll say it again: You’ll always find pieces of classic details in every wedding theme. Candelabras, banquet tables, invitation calligraphy, muted colors, and the like are some of those timeless details that can easily blend into your mood board. For this Modern Classic wedding look, in particular, we added a playful charm by incorporating pastels and a more minimalist approach to the styling.

“We chose neutral colors but complemented it with hints of modern pastels. We wanted to show that color is not an enemy and it can add personality to the classic look.” Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Head of Content, Bride and Breakfast

"Whenever I make a theme for shoots I really consider the location. When I found out there was a staircase at the venue, I jumped at the opportunity to utilize it. We placed fabric, flowers, and candles on the side of the stairs to highlight the theme."  Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

"We also wanted to showcase a tablescape that reflects the  Modern Classic theme so we used a lot of roses, and candles." Mary Vilalflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

The Couple

After we conceptualized the Modern Classic theme and its elements, the next step was for us to choose the featured couple. One of our teammates brought up Ella Pangilinan’s name and we all immediately agreed. Ella and Enrique were the most fitting couple because they simply exude the class and romance that we wanted this theme to achieve.

“I was really excited about having Ella and Enrique as the couple for the photoshoot. The Modern Classic theme suits them, and I think it resonates with their personalities." Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

"Although we had a tight timeline back then and the weather was quite gloomy,  they were still very professional and all smiles from start to finish.” Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

“Ella and Enrique were calm and collected all throughout the shoot and this made it easier for the whole team. They were the perfect couple for this—truly classy as you can see in the output.” Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Head of Content, Bride and Breakfast

The Suppliers

No matter how many photoshoots we do, the passion, talent, and efforts of every supplier we work with never ceases to amaze us. We were able to collaborate with suppliers who took our vision and created magic, bringing our ideas from presentation slides to real life. Read until the end to see the complete list of suppliers who helped us make this photoshoot possible!

"We’ve been working with some of the suppliers for a while now and their passion for the work is absolutely palpable. They make sure everything is on-point. They gave suggestions to make the shoot even better than we imagined. "  Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

"What I loved about this shoot was the artistic contribution of every supplier. All of them gave their take on what  modern classic is." Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Bride and Breakfast

Bonus Tips for Achieving This Modern Classic Wedding Theme

We’re leaving with you some additional tips and advice so you can make this Modern Classic theme your own!

"Achieving a theme involves carefully planning and putting together various elements. I suggest that you create a mood board to serve as a visual guide."  Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

"Choose a venue that fits the theme. Then ensure that the elements you choose are aligned with your theme and color palette." Mary Villaflores, Art Director, Bride and Breakfast

"Make the classics your base then incorporate your own style and personality to it. Do you want to pair your ball gown with sneakers? Go ahead! Do you want more color? Do it in a classy way and everything will fall into place." Pia Suiza-Fernandez, Head of Content, Bride and Breakfast

And if you’d like to meet suppliers who can help personalize this Modern Classic look, go on and visit the Toast Wedding Fair. Endless inspiration, exclusive deals and discounts, and quality wedding suppliers will all be there for you to enjoy and explore. We hope to see you on September 23 to 24 at the World Trade Center Manila, Pasay City!

Special thanks to the incredible Toast Photoshoot team:

Photographer: Jaja Samaniego / Videographer: Treehouse Story / Venue: Sefriya Farm and Orchard / Venue Styling and Catering: K by Cunanan / Wardrobe Stylist: Yvonne Camay / Jewelry: The Fold Jewelry, J’s Diamond / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Madge Lejano / Invitations and Stationery: Neonovelties

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