5 Tips from Brides Who Planned Their Own Wedding

Your wedding is one of the best events you’ll ever organize in your life. And if you’re the hands-on type who loves getting into the details, then planning your own wedding from start to finish without a coordinator will be so rewarding! Here, we’ve listed top tips gathered from real brides to help you jumpstart your own preps. Enjoy!

5 Tips from Brides Who Planned Their Own Wedding


Tip # 1: Narrow Down Your Choices

List down your non-negotiables. Given that you’ve established your wedding budget and have decided on a theme or motif, it’s time to narrow it down even more. List down the elements that are the most important to you. Is it your wedding gown? Is it your venue? Or is it the caterer? Knowing the details that are a must-have on your big day will help you manage the ones that are optional.


Tip # 2: Delegate Tasks Well

Get some help. Even if you can handle all your wedding preparations very efficiently, your actual wedding day will come and when it does, you would want to bask in the moment as much as possible. It will be time for you to let go of the reins and pass everything on to a professional coordinator. But before you choose one, read through this article to give you a head start.


Tip # 3: List Everything Down

With all the details that you need to be on top of, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of your next steps. Start a Google Sheet for your wedding planning and list everything there, from permit application dates to payment schedules. You can even color code it to help you know which ones are done and those that are still in progress. This can be a little tedious but believe me, it will keep you sane and organized. Need a timeline to help keep you on track? We got that too!


Tip # 4: Trust Your Instincts

Keep your options open. If you’re eyeing a specific supplier, check which wedding fairs they join and book them there. Not only can you get their discounted package rate, you’ll also get to see what other suppliers are offering. Once you’ve already booked, make sure that you set a healthy working relationship with them. Here are some tips on how to deal with your suppliers to minimize stress.


Tip # 5: Communicate Your Guest Count to Your Parents and Future In-Laws

Determining the size of your wedding early on will help you make decisions faster. Individually, list down the names of the guests you want in your wedding to give you and your partner the idea of the range you’re working with. Will it be a small and intimate wedding? Or do you have a big clan to manage? Even just an estimated number will help you proceed with your wedding planning. Need help managing your guest list? We’ve got you!


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