The Best Wedding Planning Tips We Learned Throughout the Year

As the year comes to an end, it’s a great time to look back at what we’ve learned about wedding planning. Planning a wedding is always changing, with new trends and personal ideas making the process special. And this 2023, we’ve picked up some really good tips that have helped make weddings not only more beautiful but also easier to plan. We’re excited to share these top 10 lessons with you, from adding your own personal touch to staying flexible. Let’s explore these tips and learn how to make your wedding day both magical and easy to manage!

The Best Wedding Planning Tips We Learned Throughout the Year

Embrace Personalization

Don’t hesitate to explore unique themes, color schemes, or unconventional venues. This creativity not only makes your wedding distinctive but also more memorable for you and your guests. It’s all about making your special day uniquely yours!

Trust your suppliers.

Monica, our Content Editor, emphasizes, “Stay true to your personality! Not every idea you see online will be suited for the kind of wedding you want and that’s okay. Trust in the expertise of your suppliers,  ask for their ideas as you share your own vision for your special day.” Building a good relationship with your suppliers and trusting their expertise can lead to outstanding results. They have the experience and skills to bring your vision to life, often in ways you might not have imagined.

Attending a wedding fair can be incredibly helpful.

Wedding fairs are wealthy of ideas, contacts, and deals. They provide an opportunity to meet a variety of vendors in one place, see the latest trends, and sometimes even snag discounts. They’re also great for inspiration and can help you clarify what you do and don’t want for your wedding. Taking the time to visit a wedding fair can be a game-changer in your planning process.

There’s nothing wrong in keeping things simple.

Simplicity is often key in wedding planning. Focusing on the elements that truly matter to you can help avoid unnecessary stress and complexity. Remember, the day is about celebrating your love, not getting caught up in the minute details. Keeping it simple can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable wedding for both you and your guests.

Then again, don’t dismiss trends right away.

If current trends resonate with you, don’t shy away from incorporating them into your wedding. Whether it’s a popular color scheme, a style of decor, or a type of entertainment, using trends can add a modern and fresh touch to your celebration. However, it’s also important to balance trends with your personal taste to ensure your wedding feels timeless. Trends can be a great source of inspiration, but they should complement, not dictate, your wedding style.

Expect the unexpected.

As Jana, our Social Media Manager, points out, “Always plan for the unexpected, mostly because the weather these days has been unpredictable. We’re in BER months but the heat is like summer though it rains from time to time too. So planning for wedding ‘giveaways’, venues, and other related parts on your list should have room for flexibility and consideration.” Having a plan B for key aspects of your wedding, especially for outdoor events, is essential. This foresight can save you from last-minute stress and ensure your day goes smoothly regardless of what comes your way.

Not everything has to be “aesthetic”.

Pia, our Head of Content, reminds us of the importance of emotional depth: “Your wedding may matter to your family as much as it matters to you. While you do everything to achieve every detail in your mood board, don’t forget to go beyond the aesthetic. Let each moment sink in as you create meaningful moments with people who loved you first unconditionally.” It’s the personal, heartfelt moments that make a wedding truly special. While aesthetics are important, the emotional connections and experiences will be what you and your guests remember most.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.

Our other Social Media Manager, Camille, advises, “Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Planning a wedding can stress you out for months (or years), so make sure you schedule self-care sessions in between. A relaxing massage or mani-pedi here and there while you’re prepping? You definitely deserve it, Brides!” Regular self-care can help keep stress at bay and ensure you enjoy the journey to your big day. Remember, you need to be at your best to fully enjoy one of the most significant days of your life.

As cliché as it may sound, communication really is key.

Per Nikki, our Content Writer, “It’s true what they say: communication is key. Make sure you and your partner agree on things and keep checking in with each other. It’s also good to talk regularly with your family and the people helping with the wedding. This way, everyone knows what’s happening, and you can avoid any last-minute problems or confusion.” Effective communication ensures that both partners are on the same page and can make joint decisions about their big day. It also helps in coordinating with family and vendors, making the planning process smoother and more enjoyable.

Lastly, remember to enjoy every moment!

Celebrate the small victories, the decisions made, and the challenges overcome. Your wedding day is not just an event, but it’s the culmination of a journey that you and your partner have taken together. Enjoying the process and cherishing each moment leading up to the big day is just as important as the celebration itself.

Wrapping up, this year has been full of great ideas and advice for planning a wedding. These 10 lessons we’ve shared can really help make your wedding day special and true to you. Whether you’re just starting to plan or are getting everything ready, remember to enjoy the process. Your wedding is a celebration of love, and with these tips, it can be a wonderful day that you’ll always remember. Keep these ideas in mind, have fun planning, and create a day that’s as unique as your love story!

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