The Most Powerful Item That Can Trigger Wedding Memories

A wedding is indeed one of the most romantic and magical events that you can be a part of. Brides work so hard planning for it, as they breathe life to the wedding of their dreams, anticipating to marry the love of their lives. The bridesmaids get so excited, cheering the bride on the sidelines, with her Maid of Honor dutifully helping her best friend. Families and friends come together at this momentous occasion, and for a moment, everything is just all about love. It’s only natural that you’d want to be able to look back and remember this special day, years after it’s over!


While we usually browse through photo albums and watch wedding videos, there’s actually another powerful item that could help you relive the moments of a wedding: perfume. That’s right! And it’s actually backed by science. According to American physician Dr. Mercola, the smell-analyzing, memory, and emotion regions in our brains are closely connected. “The close connection may explain why a scent might get tied to vivid memories in your brain, and then come flooding back when you’re exposed to that particular odor trigger.” And if you think about it, it’s true—how many times has a whiff of something reminded you of a particular event or person?


For a bride, the scent that she will specifically pick for her wedding will help capture those moments that cannot be taken by the lens of a camera. Her excitement during the morning of the wedding, her nervousness as she is about to walk down the aisle, and the perfect first kiss with the man she can now call her husband. Fragrance is a very intimate accessory, and it will capture all the emotions you experience during a wedding. You could be a mother giving your son away, or a Maid of Honor watching your best friend get married to the man of her dreams. These memories deserve to be remembered in the sweetest way.

Just take a look at how gorgeous this bottle looks! It’s definitely perfect for the modern woman with a confident and sophisticated taste.

Indulge in buying perfume for a wedding. Aside from feeling glamorous and luxurious, a scent can be a huge factor in how much you remember your wedding!


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