Here’s Your Detailed Guide to Wedding Ring Styles Straight from a Jeweler

Wedding rings are among the few items you actually get to wear, and keep, long after you say “I do.” Many couples would agree that it’s a worthwhile investment! But here’s the deal: There are so many options! How do you even know what matches your style? What will stack well with your engagement ring? What is the difference between all these wedding bands anyway?!

We’ve got the clarity and information you need all about wedding rings thanks to the expertise of Lily & Co. If you’re on the search for the rings you’ll love to wear forever after the wedding, take a look at this guide!

Here's Your Detailed Guide to Wedding Ring Styles Straight from a Jeweler

Lily & Co. is a jeweler who firmly believes that every couple has their unique, individual style, so it’s important to choose wedding rings that genuinely resonate with your personalities, most importantly, your love story. You also deserve wedding rings that have been finely crafted by the hands of skilled artisans who make it a point to create your pieces with careful attention to detail.

Here are some of Lily & Co’s handmade wedding rings to give you ideas about what you’d want to look for! Plus, much needed information to help you out as you go on the search for your own perfect pair.


The Eter ring features a total of .24 carats with 12 moissanite stones at .02ct each, its half eternity design symbolizes enduring commitment and devotion.

Eternity rings feature gemstones around, either the entirety or half of, the wedding band. This is a style that symbolizes never-ending love, devotion, and commitment. “Brides who go for eternity rings are often individuals who appreciate timeless elegance and sophistication,” says Lily & Co. Their Eter ring is a beautiful example of a half-eternity setting, and it can also be upgraded from a default moissanite stone to a genuine diamond if you want that extra touch of luxury.


The Esca Set features a diamond ring and an enhancer with a .05ct moissanite center stone, encircled by smaller stones totaling 0.17 carats.

Also called the ring jacket, the enhancer is a type of wedding band that is worn wrapped around, or stacked with, your engagement ring, giving a cohesive and merged effect. You can see how harmonious this style is through Lily & Co’s Esca Set, which already comes as a pair with a diamond engagement ring and moissanite or diamond ring enhancer. If you want to add width to your ring set to make it appear more substantial and cohesive, then this style is for you.


The Cado bridal wedding ring is adorned with a total of 24 dazzling .005ct stones, arranged in two rows of twelve each, adding a touch of sparkle and radiance.

A pavé ring setting features small gemstones encrusted around the band, reminiscent of cobblestones, hence, its name. Take a look at Lily & Co’s Cado wedding rings as an example. The bride’s ring features two rows of twelve small diamonds in a pavé setting, while the groom’s is a plain sleek band, making them a complementing pair. “Brides who gravitate towards paved rings usually have a love for sparkle, glamour, and the intricate detail of this setting,”  shares Lily & Co.

Tip from Lily & Co: Try different styles to see what suits your hand and personal style the best. Experiment with various widths, designs, and metal combinations to find the perfect fit.


The Vivi Wedding Rings showcase a seamless blend of two tones as well as dainty diamonds in the center for a touch of sparkle.

As the name suggests, these types of rings feature a mix of two gold tones in one design like white gold and yellow gold, as seen on Lily & Co’s Vivi pair, which gives off a striking contrast with a modern twist.  The two-toned design also adds dimension and more character to the rings, while the diamonds in the middle enhance the sophistication. If you’re a bride who loves wearing jewelry and accessories daily, Lily & Co. also says, “Mixing metal tones can give you more versatility in color coordinating your jewelry.”


The Winry ring features a distinctive triangle-shaped center stone for a bold and contemporary look.

These are the types of wedding rings that showcase unique shapes and angles with clean lines and patterns. Just look at Lily & Co’s Winry ring which is crafted with precision to highlight the clean lines and symmetry of the triangle stone. You also have the option to pick your own gemstone as the hero stone of your own Winry ring!

Art Deco-Inspired

The vintage-inspired Wily ring boasts a captivating design with 14 dainty stones encircling a strikingly large center stone. Available in moissanite and genuine diamond options.

The Art Deco period was all about the dawning of modernism and the exploration of statement-making styles, much like Lily & Co’s Wily ring. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the captivating center stone and then the smaller stones around it, each one perfectly set for maximum sparkle. This is a popular choice for brides and grooms who love the vintage aesthetic!

Tip from Lily & Co.: Determine a budget for your wedding ring purchase and explore options within that range. Consider the quality of the metal (gold) and stones (diamonds) to ensure you are investing in a ring that will last a lifetime.


The Wyleigh ring features a nature-inspired design reminiscent of intertwining vines and organic elements. Dainty stones delicately placed along the vines add a subtle shimmer.

These are wedding rings patterned after flowers, leaves, and other organic shapes that draw inspiration from the beauty of nature just like the Wyleigh ring from Lily & Co. Can you imagine how delicate this ring would look with its vine-like design wrapped around your finger?

Pull-Quote: "Remember, your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and commitment, so take the time to choose a style that resonates with you and reflects your unique relationship. Lily & Co is here to assist you in finding the perfect wedding rings that capture the essence of your special bond." - Lily & Co.

More Tips About Choosing Your Wedding Rings:

1. Consider Engravings or Adding Your Birthstones. Engraving a personal message, a significant date, coordinates of a special place, or your initials give sentimental value. Meanwhile, birthstones or gemstones add a pop of color and personal meaning to your wedding bands.
2. Collaborate with a Trusted Jeweler. Work with a reliable jeweler so you can be assured that you’re getting the output that you want, and the excellent quality you deserve.
3. Your Choice of Metal Can Reflect Your Individuality. Select a metal that aligns with your personal style and values. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of gold, the modern appeal of platinum, or the durability of titanium.
4. Think Long-Term. Choose a wedding ring style that you will love for years to come. Opt for a classic and timeless design that will stand the test of time and remain beautiful as your love story evolves.
5. Consider Your Lifestyle. Think about your daily activities and how they may impact your ring choice. If you have an active lifestyle, you may prefer a more durable and low-maintenance metal

We hope this guide will be very useful as you explore your wedding ring options, dear bride. When you’re ready to try on wedding rings and see your options up close and personal, send a message to Lily & Co. through their Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you want to know more about customizing your wedding rings, you can work closely with Lily & Co to bring your vision to life in a beautifully crafted wedding ring set. Visit the Lily & Co. website for more details!

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