7 Details To Make Your Wedding More Meaningful and Personalized!

Adding personalized details can truly make your wedding a most memorable and meaningful event whether it’s grand or intimate. Take inspiration from these couples who customized wedding details according to their personalities, backgrounds, interests, and love stories! Tagged: Meaningful Wedding Details / Personalized Wedding / wedding details

5 Mood Boards That You Can Use For Your Intimate Wedding

Are you thinking of having 20 guests or less? Perhaps, your decision was influenced by current events, or maybe this was your original plan. Nowadays, intimate weddings are getting popular. More couples are choosing to have a personal, cozy, and warm union. Though, the word “intimate” does not have to mean ‘simple’ or bidding goodbye to being extra about your […]

8 Tips to Pull-off An Enjoyable and Stylish Wedding Reception In Your Backyard

It comes as no surprise that the latest trend in the wedding scene is intimate celebrations at home; after all, home is where the heart is. In addition to the comfort and safety of your house during these times, there is no venue that is more flexible. The only rules in corkage and styling that […]

7 Fun Ways to Honor Your Original Wedding Date

We know how much you’ve been looking forward to your wedding day, and having to let go of that special date because of the pandemic was tough! But when your original date rolls around, you don’t have to let it go to waste. It can still be a day full of love and happiness. We […]

5 Most Common Wedding Bumps and How to Handle Them

We all wish weddings are as easy as ‘eat, drink and be merry!’, but no they aren’t. It isn’t all rainbows, and butterflies, even the ones thoroughly planned get tangled in uncomfortable situations, and unwanted drama sometimes. Here are some wedding scenarios to prepare and look out for. Tagged: awkward wedding situations / deal with […]