Here Are 10 Things the Pandemic Changed about Weddings in the Last Year

Wedding trends come and go and they are heavily influenced by what’s popular on media, fashion industry movements, and signs of the times. The trends and styles are constantly shifting, but nothing has rocked the boat quite like the COVID-19 pandemic has in the past year. From postponing weddings to completely changing what weddings look like, there are countless ways the industry and soon-to-wed couples have adapted to make their big day a reality. Couples are reminded to value what is truly essential when planning a wedding and be more accepting of the fact that things may not always go as planned. There’s a lot to be learned and challenges to be faced when planning a wedding during these times, but as long as you support each other and go back to why you want to get married in the first place, you’ll sail right through to the altar. Remember that we at Bride and Breakfast, as well as your dear family and friends, are all here rooting for you and your happily ever after! Keep on reading to find out more about the 10 ways COVID-19 influenced the wedding scene and why they might actually be for the better.

Here Are 10 Things the Pandemic Changed about Weddings in the Last Year

Intimate Guest Lists

We said goodbye (for now) to overcrowded pews and long lines at the bar and hello to empty churches and single-table reception set-ups. With restrictions on gatherings in place, many couples have decided to push through with only immediate family present or even just their priest! The intimate guest list allows newlyweds to be fully present and make meaningful interactions with all of their guests. However, the short guest count does not necessarily extend to the virtual celebration. You can always invite more loved ones to be a part of your big day through the live stream!

Photographer: Mayad Studios | Real Wedding: This Couple Managed to Have a Simple Church Wedding and a D.I.Y Reception at Home!

More Outdoor Wedding Venues

In lieu of destination weddings, couples are looking closer to home to find scenic views and lush landscapes. Especially since outdoor gatherings are considered safer compared indoor and enclosed ones, gardens, beaches, and parks are now more popular than ever as choices for venues. Imagine treating your guests to more than just a delicious meal, you will also be reuniting them with the beauty of nature and its perks—fresh air and a cool breeze, two things those who have been staying home surely miss.

Photographer: Rock Paper Scissors Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Shows Us How Ethereal and Romantic Outdoor Weddings Can Be!

More Weddings at Home Too

If our homes can be transformed into offices and gyms, why not a wedding venue too? There’s just something so warm and charming about having your big day in a place where you’ve already made many memories together as a couple. It’s also safer to host in a private place and you can style and decorate the space whatever way you want, the only approval needed is from mom or the mother-in-law. You can also consider the backyard for something a little more green and refreshing!

Photographer: Photography by Regina | Real Wedding: From Neighbors to Newlyweds: A Beautiful and Intimate Celebration at Home

Couples Breaking Wedding Traditions

Some wedding “rules” were made to be broken, don’t you agree? There is definitely no time like the present to steer clear of traditions you never really understood and make your wedding truly your own. Whether you plan to get ready for the big day together or even walk down the aisle hand-in-hand, do what you want to do. There’s nothing wrong when you’re choosing what feels right to you as a couple. Always follow your hearts.

Photographer: Jay Jay Lucas | Real Wedding: This Bride Chose to Get Ready with Her Groom and Personally Arrange Her Bouquet and Tablescapes!


Creative Prep Venues

We’ve been seeing couples get more creative when it comes to the pre-ceremony photoshoots since only select hotels can accommodate leisure stays. The photos may look slightly different without the typical hotel rooms and staircases, but they are equally as beautiful with the fresh backdrops and unique touches. From photography studios to Airbnb’s, there is no place you can’t transform into the perfect space for your preps shoot.

Photographer: Team Benitez Photo | Real Wedding: This Couple Rented a Studio for a Fun and Floral Photoshoot before Saying Their I Do’s!

Masks as Wedding Fashion Staples

Masks have become something we can’t leave home without no matter the destination. They even come in various colors and fabrics to match whatever ensemble we pick out. Beautiful bridal face masks have also been launched to ensure brides (and grooms) are still looking stylish while prioritizing safety on their wedding day. They come in simple and sleek designs as well as elegant and embroidered pieces too.

Photographer: Nice Print Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Made Intimate Feel Grand!

Unique Wedding Attire Choices

Brides and grooms are more confident nowadays when it comes to making unconventional choices for their wedding ensembles. It’s always exciting when the church doors open and the bride’s full look is revealed, maybe even more so now that we’re seeing brides in suits (or shorts), printed fabrics, and bold cuts and silhouettes.

Photographer: Pearl Studio  | Real Wedding: This Bride Rocked a Romper on Her Wedding Day!

Change in How Meals Are Served

Gone are the days guests excitedly rush to the buffet or grab food from a shared spread of appetizers during cocktail hour. A socially-distant sit-down dinner is now the most popular choice in meal service for the safest guest experience possible. Guests are also encouraged to place drink orders from their respective tables instead of congregating at a bar. A sumptuous meal and the royal treatment? Count us in!

Photographer: Ralph Lee Photography | Real Wedding: This Couple Planned an Enchanting Civil Ceremony While Waiting for Their Church Wedding Next Year!

Rise in Drive-Thru Events

There comes a time when it’s impossible to trim the guest list even shorter. There’s no need to fret when you hit this bump on the road! Why not plan multiple receptions? Or invite guests to “drive-thru” your reception venue for a picture with the happy couple and a takeout meal? It might not be exactly what you envisioned, but it’s a smart choice to consider everyone’s safety.

Photographer: Mediarama Creatives | Real Wedding: This Couple Served Filipino Street Food and Had a Drive-Thru Reception in U.P. Diliman

Less Suppliers, More D.I.Y.

Guest lists aren’t the only thing being trimmed down. Many couple have also opted to limit the number of suppliers present in their intimate wedding and save their services for round 2 of the wedding! Some plan the wedding on their own. Others pick flowers from their gardens themselves. A few even decide to be their own glam team. It won’t be easy. It may require an extra shot of espresso or a k-drama marathon to keep you sane. But what it will be for sure is an experience you will remember forever! Involve the fiancé and you will definitely conquer every challenge together.

Photographer: ProudRad | Real Wedding: Taking D.I.Y. to the Next Level: This Couple Styled and Coordinated Their Own Wedding!


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