Five Ways You Can Make More Environmentally-Friendly Choices for Your Wedding Day

Maybe it’s because you were left stunned by the Netflix documentary Seaspiracy or perhaps the shift started after learning about climate change in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth—whatever your motivation to go green, you can use it to guide you through your wedding planning. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re planning the best day of your life, but it is also possible to reduce waste by committing to making eco-conscious decisions. From too much food leftover to paper products that are only used for one night, where do you even begin? We worked with our friends from The Bamboo Company, a local retailer that aims to influence more individuals to make the eco-friendly switch, to show you where you can start. Keep reading to learn about five ways you can make your wedding more environmentally-friendly. Remember that even the smallest changes, when put together, have the power to make a significant impact.

Five Ways You Can Make More Environmentally-Friendly Choices for Your Wedding Day

1. Minimize Waste Whenever Possible

There are a number of things that will only be used on your wedding day and then stashed in storage, or even thrown away, immediately after. You can avoid this by shopping for a vintage dress or renting the attire of your entourage. If you really want to give them their own dresses, choose designs that are neutral, versatile, and can easily be worn again for another occasion. Maybe even consider chic separates for maximum reusability. For your wedding invitations, you can have them printed on plantable, recyclable paper or even skip them entirely and send out invitations digitally. Lastly, when it comes to your wedding jewelry, heirloom pieces will always be a classic choice, or you can also opt for gems made with eco-friendly and ethically-sourced diamond alternatives.


2. Choose Your Wedding Gifts Wisely

Only ask for the items you will need as you build a home together. You might not want to start off with more than you can chew! Consider all the packaging materials that go into transporting these items to your home and really think about whether or not you have the space to store them. Do you really want to be living in a sea of brown boxes and bubble wrap? For the household items you decide you do need, shop for ones that are eco-friendly, durable, and locally-sourced. The same applies when you’re a guest looking for something to gift the newlyweds. Couples today, especially younger ones, are more mindful and aware of how they impact the earth. You can check out The Bamboo Company: A company that aims to do their part in eliminating plastic pollution and rural poverty through their products made from bamboo. Why bamboo, you might ask? 


3. Get Creative with Your Wedding Décor

Choosing an outdoor venue and letting your surroundings serve as the décor is an instant way to save on your budget and decorations. Another trick is to go for a minimalist theme and reuse decorative items you already have on hand like vases, wine bottles, and fabric. When it comes to the flowers, try and repurpose the blooms from your ceremony as centerpieces in your reception, or opt for dried arrangements that can be taken home and displayed for the next few months. If you’ve always dreamed of an abundance of flowers for your big day, there’s still an opportunity to make an eco-conscious choice! Offer to donate the flowers to nearby hospitals and brighten up some one else’s day.


4. Use More Local and Organic Produce

Have a discussion with your caterer and come up with a menu that’s made from sustainable and seasonal ingredients. You will not only be supporting the local economy, but also avoiding the environmental impact of long-distance shipping. Scan what’s available and it might just surprise you. There is a growing market for quality home-grown products, thanks to up and coming brands lead by young, creative, and eco-conscious Filipinos. Try and shop local for your menu, cocktails, wedding cake, and your flowers as well. Consider local flower varieties and talk to your florist about how you can enhance their natural beauty.


5. Shop for Giveaways That Encourage Living a Greener Lifestyle

If you don’t want your souvenirs to end up collecting dust, give your guests something that is practical and long-lasting, something that they will truly want to use time and again. You can count on The Bamboo Company to offer items that do exactly that! From bamboo coffee tumblers to bamboo utensils, you can encourage your guests to make a difference with these everyday products. Some of their items that can even be engraved with text or pictures for unique giveaways. More than gifting them with a useful item, you are gifting an opportunity to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Looking for everyday products to help you make the eco-friendly switch? Go and head on to The Bamboo Company’s website to start shopping! You can also follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts for green and sustainable lifestyle content as well as updates on their latest offerings. You can also check out the giveaway below and get a chance to win some goodies from The Bamboo Company. Winners will be announced on May 25th!


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