6 Subtle Yet Powerful Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones On Your Wedding

Weddings in the Philippines actively include family members in the celebration, if not every step of the way. And it’s always heartwarming to see couples who do a tribute to their lost loved ones, sprinkled in little ways during the wedding. Today’s post is all about the powerful ways you can honor your dearly departed on your special day.

Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved Ones on Your Wedding


1. Repurposing something they’ve worn

Photo: Ian Santillan | Wedding: This Bride Repurposed Her Mom’s Wedding Gown and The Results Were Stunning!

You could restore your mom’s wedding gown, wear something that used to belong to the person, or sew something onto your dress. It’s an intimate way to keep them near you for the duration of the wedding, and it won’t draw any attention if you prefer it.


2. Photo wall

Photo: Enrico Nepomuceno Photography | Wedding: Bright Colors and Serene Waters

We usually see couples who hang or display photos of themselves throughout the years that they’ve been together in a relationship. You may do something similar with your family members and your friends, interspersing photos with ones of your dearly departed. Again, it’s one way to quietly commemorate their presence, and still have them be a part of your big day.


3. Have a toast in their memory

This can go two ways: You may do this during the preps with your family and bridesmaids, or have a portion in the reception where you could announce it to everyone. It is ultimately your discretion whether or not you want it to be public or private. You may even toast with the favorite drink of the person, and make it that much more meaningful.


4. Incorporate something about them in your wedding favors

There are a lot of wedding favor ideas out there, but you can also choose to go the sentimental route. Is there a favorite treat or small candy bar that they loved that you would be able to incorporate in the favors? Or maybe a small note with a quote that they lived by. Something as short and sweet as this can have a really great impact.


5. Put a trinket or photo in your bouquet

Photo: WeDoItForLove  | Wedding: Beauty in Bohol

This is a common yet very sweet way to include the deceased in your wedding. Brides hold their bouquets during their walk down the aisle, and it’s a great way to bring them with you during that moment. It could be a photo of them in a locket or a gem of theirs that you can include in the stem of the bouquet.


6. Reserve a spot for them

Photo: Vital Image Photo | Wedding: A Rustic Wedding with a Pink and Brown Color Scheme

You could also mark the spot with a bouquet in the pew or chair where they would be sitting, if you want their presence to be more marked and visual. This is a powerful way to honor someone, and it may be a trigger for sad feelings. Try to gauge if this is something you’ll be comfortable with.


Whichever option you choose, always take into consideration what you’re feeling. There’s no wrong way to do this, and the choice will be ultimately up to you, your husband-to-be, and your family. And always remember that this day is one of celebrating and coming together.


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