Here’s How We Think Weddings Will Look Like in 2023!

While the pandemic may have changed the wedding scene in the past years, it’s safe to say that weddings are back and that engaged couples and the entire wedding industry alike are ready to reinvent the norm once more. What did we miss the most about grand weddings with hundreds of guests? What did we discover we loved about intimate weddings? What will weddings look like in the coming year? We may not know the exact answers, but you can bet we have our fair share of predictions based on you, our B&B brides, and all the ideas creating buzz in the wedding industry. Want to know what you can expect for next year? Here are some of the trends we think will take the wedding world by storm—from flights to fashion, from florals to photography. Keep on reading to keep up.

Here's How We think Weddings Will Look Like in 2023!

More Destination Weddings 
With little no restrictions on traveling, more engaged couples are planning to celebrate with their nearest and dearest in the most scenic local and international destinations. Wedding weekends will be making a comeback as well. We’re thinking Welcome Dinners, Wedding Receptions, and Day-after Brunches to complete the weekend of memorable festivities. Where we used to expect lower attendance when it comes to destination weddings, we predict the opposite will be the case in 2023. Guests are hoping for a reason to travel and we expect weddings will be one of the most popular reasons to do so next year!

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Color, Color, Color
We’re expecting to see a lot of color in bridesmaids gowns, in flower arrangements, and even in bridal fashion. In line with the Pantone Color of the Year Viva Magenta, color palettes will be vibrant and exude joyous and optimistic celebration. While white will always be classic, pale pink and other pastel colors are gaining popularity as a must-have color in every wedding palette. For brides who are not quite ready to don color in their wedding gowns, consider a broad palette for your styling or printed fabric for your entourage to incorporate as much bold and striking details.

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Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses
We’ve seen more and more brides choose the fabric and then give their bridesmaids the freedom to choose the style of their dresses. However, we expect to take it a step further next year with mismatched bridesmaid dresses with different fabric, colors, and designs. Photos of the bridal entourage will not only look more dynamic, but the bridesmaids will also feel more comfortable and confident in hues they picked out themselves. It’s a win-win for everyone! Why hasn’t this trend picked up sooner?

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Candid and Fun Photography
We’ve seen traditional, editorial, and even aerial photos make waves in wedding photography in the past decades. What we’ve been seeing growing steadily nowadays are the less posed, more candid shots. Think natural light, effortless smiles, and minimal direction. The result? Documentary-style photos with a genuinely kilig look and feel. The same photography style is also perfects for guests and after-party shots. We’re thinking blur-motion and film photography are gearing up for their turn in the spotlight.

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Small Bouquets, Big Reception Arrangements 
We’ve seen the beauty in an intimate ceremony, attended only by those closest to the couple. We think this practice might be here to stay and the bridal bouquet will follow suit to match its surroundings. Bridal bouquets will be dainty, subtle, and impeccably chic. Now moving on to the reception flowers, we predict bigger ideas and bigger arrangements are in store. The talented stylists of the industry and ready to unleash their creativity and design stages, tunnels, and floor-to-ceiling installations like never before.

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Breaking of Wedding “Traditions”
If weddings in 2020 taught us anything, it’s that there are no rules you need to follow but your own. From couples getting ready together for the big day to literally walking down the aisle hand-in-hand, there is a lot of room for modern-day couples to say goodbye to tradition and hello to personalization. Weddings in 2023 will have more personal programs, couples choosing wedding traditions that work for their plans and not adjusting plans to fit in all the traditions. Sit back and get ready to take notes because we’re in for a fresh and fun ride this year!

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