A Dog Bouquet? Pokémon Barong? This Couple Was All About Personalizing Their Special Day!

Joelle and Lenard’s wedding was a vivid reflection of their fun-loving personalities, featuring unique touches that made the day distinctly theirs. The highlight? Their dog, Sago, not just attending but starring as Joelle’s “bouquet.” As Joelle put it, “It was so important to have our dog at the wedding that we only looked at pet-friendly venues! She ended up walking down the aisle with me, dressed in a bee costume, which was a spur-of-the-moment decision that added such a fun, personal twist.

Lenard’s love for Pokémon took center stage in his attire, with his barong tastefully embroidered with Pokémon characters, showcasing his playful side. The ceremony and reception were filled with personalized details—from a ring warming ceremony to tequila shots as part of their unity ceremony, each chosen to reflect their unique story and shared experiences. The reception kept the fun going with Bumble-themed décor (where they met) and a menu featuring their favorite casual eats like Potato Corner and pizza, ensuring the celebration was as lively and engaging as the couple themselves.

The couple’s approach to wedding planning was all about expressing their personalities and ensuring their guests had a blast. As Joelle described, “Planning our wedding was a creative adventure. We wanted every detail to scream ‘us,’ and it did. We even cut our cake to the tune of our favorite songs!” Their wedding wasn’t just a day to remember, but it was a perfect snapshot of their life together, too, filled with laughter, love, and lots of fun. Take a look at their special day through these photos by Oak St. Studios.

A Dog Bouquet? Pokémon Barong? This Couple Was All About Personalizing Their Special Day!

 Having the bigger garden wedding happen four months after, gave us enough time to plan for the wedding without having to worry about requirements and we had the freedom to do anything we wanted. - Bride Joelle

What helped a lot for us was being really clear with our priorities, what we wanted to splurge on, what we were sure we were going to not spend on. - Bride Joelle

With many things that were non-traditional, we made sure to iron out all the details between the two of us before sharing with others.

Photography: Oak St. Studios / Videography: Hello and Co / Content Creator: BTS Content Creators / Ceremony Dress: Mel Orlina / Reception Dress: Mara Chua / Bespoke Barong: Santi Obcena / Dog Gown: Willow Pet Couture / HMUA: Isabelle Rubio / Hair Color and Treatment: Marqed Salon via Parlon / Skin Care: Dermadrop via Parlon / Teeth Whitening: The Smile Bar / Wedding Treatments: Profero Aesthetics / Nails: Pris10 Nails / Groom’s Hair: Junar Santos / Wedding Branding: Studio After Six / Wedding Bands: Studio 925 / Dance Choreographers: Michael Que and Abbey Carlos / Caterer and Reception Styling: Town’s Delight / Cocktails and Carts: Sebastiao Cocktails, Potato Corner, Kahuna PH, Mang Bert’s Ice Cream / Cake: Panic Baking / After-party Snacks: Jollibee / Wedding Preps Venue: Hilltop Country Inn / Ceremony and Reception Venue: Mahogany Place Tagaytay / Ceremony Styling: Bel and Co / Lights and Sounds: Artuz 101 / Decoy Host: Show Suzuki / Band: Totally Mesmerized / Special Musical Number: Leanne and Naara / DJ: Jimmy J / Audio Guestbook: Voicetapes / Photobooth: Upose Photo Booth / Tarot Reading: Beyond Senses / Selfie Mirror: Luciteo / Giveaways: Posh Keeps, Bleeves, Favored Encounters, Drinkaid / Coordination: Lia Weddings

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