These Hotels in Manila Can Be Transformed Any Way You Like

What comes to mind when you think of a wedding in a hotel? Traditional, classic, typical, stiff even. It’s easy to feel like a hotel ballroom leaves no room for creativity with its carpeted floors and four walls. But this is not true when you find a hotel that’s built to be transformed any way you want! Think of it this way: A hotel ballroom is like a blank canvass. Imagine all the possibilities it can offer and the many ways you can design it. You won’t be limited to just one kind of theme. You’ll be able to flex your creative bridal muscles and come up with a wedding that truly speaks of who you are as a couple and the kind of celebration you’ve always wanted to have.

To get you started, let’s take a look at three hotels right within Manila. As part of the Marriott Bonvoy brand of hotels, Manilla Marriott Hotel, Sheraton Manila Hotel, and Sheraton Manila Bay feature state of the art technology and five-star facilities ready to be customized and personalized to your liking. Here’s how they can make your wedding dreams come to life!

Manila Marriott Hotel

A 3,000 square meter space that can comfortably seat up to 2,500 guests, it’s no wonder why Manila Marriott Hotel’s Grand Ballroom is a top choice for major events. But don’t let its massive size intimidate you, because this venue can easily adapt to the kind of wedding you’ll have — big or intimate. Here’s a cool fact: The Marriott Grand Ballroom’s partitions come from the ceiling! So, you can divide the space according to the size that you need without obstructions. The ceiling height is also adjustable. You can go higher (12 meters) to accommodate installations like greenery, chandeliers, lush floral arrangements, and so much more.  On the other hand, you can opt for a lower height (10 meters) if you’re thinking of keeping your event a bit cozier.

Grand Ballroom Transformation

Sometimes, the secret to creating the vibe of your event is through lighting! Lighting makes a huge difference in adding character to your wedding along with all the decorations. Guess what? The Marriott Grand Ballroom is equipped with Pillow Ceiling Lights that can change into 360 colors. You read that right! So, you can instantly create the ambience you want — dramatic, romantic, bright, or anything your heart desires.


Sheraton Manila Hotel

Now, let’s take a look at Sheraton Manila Hotel. The Sheraton Ballroom is another venue that offers various options to help you personalize your wedding. The space can be divided into two, each can be able to accommodate up to 150 guests. Round tables, banquet settings, cocktails, and more, you can tailor your setup according to the kind of reception you envision. You can add drapings, light fixtures, and all the florals you want to transform this ballroom into a place made just for you. Like stepping into your own fairytale!

Ballroom Transformation

If you have a taste for opulence, this is also a great place to start with its glass windows and chandeliers made of 38,000 crystals. And to give your wedding logo, backdrops, and SDE the moment they deserve, make use of the built-in LED walls and projector screen. Can you already picture yourselves dancing in the middle of this elegant venue?


Sheraton Manila Bay

Can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor wedding just yet? Maybe Sheraton Manila Bay will seal the deal. Let’s start with the top-floor Garden and Gazebo, refreshing locations for outdoor ceremonies and photo ops! Just imagine how beautifully your photos will turn out when you catch the Manila Bay sunset. If you’re planning a church wedding, Sheraton Manila Bay is also conveniently located within close proximity of iconic churches like San Agustin and The Manila Cathedral.

Sheraton Manila Bay Garden and Gazebo

After your ceremony, you can choose to hold your reception in the Grand Ballroom or the Conference Suite featuring innovative LED lighting with — get this — 16 million light and color combinations. Remember when we said how lighting makes a difference? You can add color accents to the space according to your theme and motif — whether you’re going for the sweet pastels of spring time, the vibrance of summer, and so much more. You have the freedom to dress it up and bring your mood board to life.

Conference Suite Transformation


So, are you ready to pick your dream wedding venue? Click here to get in touch with the wedding specialist of Manila Marriott Hotel, send an email here for Sheraton Manila Hotel, and inquire here for Sheraton Manila Bay. Book your ocular now!

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