16 Scenic Locations for Your Engagement Shoot

Planning and preparing for your engagement shoot can be just as exciting as planning for your wedding! You get to choose what you wear, what your theme is (if you have one), and where you plan to have your photos taken! And if you’re still kinda lost for where to go, we’ve got a list of scenic locations that you can choose from! (And hey, if you’re still iffy about having an engagement shoot, we also listed down several reasons why you should have one.) Choose wisely!

Beautiful Places to Go for Your Engagement Shoot


1. La Faite Home and Country Garden

Photo: Dave Sarabia Photography | Engagement Shoot: A Garden Engagement Shoot with Botanical Details

This place is perfect for your outdoor garden engagement shoot ideas! They also have indoor venues that you can make use of too!


2. Prado Farms

Prado farms is an eco-resort in Pampanga that has many a nook and cranny for you to take photos in!


3. Antipolo Beehouse

Photo: Bryan Venancio | Engagement Shoot: Casual and Cozy

Want a casual and cozy engagement shoot setting? This place has a perfect homey vibe!


4. Batanes

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Engagement Shoot: Northern Spectacle

You want mountains and seas? You don’t have to go out of the country. You’ll find that Batanes is more than qualified to meet your needs.


5. Calatagan

Photo: NYAPS | Engagement Shoot: Natural Sweetness

Besides the beaches, Calatagan has some pretty picturesque places for you to take some photos in. Just check out this couple’s pre-wedding shoot!


6. Casa Domingo

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Bride and Breakfast Exclusive: Pre-Wedding Shoot of Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas

If you’re worried about traveling outside of Metro Manila for your photos, you can opt for this place. Casa Domingo is situated in Las Pinas, and perfect for those of you who live in the South!


7. Daranak Falls

Photo: ProudRad | Engagement Shoot: Dazzling at Dusk

Having nature as your backdrop, particularly a waterfall like this one, adds a magical touch to your photos. Don’t you think so?


8. Fortune Island

Photo: Paopao Sanchez | Engagement Shoot: A Scenic Engagement Shoot in Fortune Island

If Greece and Balesin are too far for you, you can go to Fortune Island in Batangas for something equally gorgeous.


9. South Korea

Photo: Jeong Yi Photography | Engagement Shoot: Outdoor Cultural Engagement Shoot in Korea

South Korea is quickly becoming a popular engagement shoot spot. Whether you choose to don traditional clothing, go around the Seoul, or even stroll through a park, you can usually be guaranteed a pretty picture.


10. Mt. Pinatubo

Photo: Digital Surf | Engagement Shoot: A Pre-Wedding Shoot in Mt. Pinatubo

If you and your fiance are the adventurous types, then a pre-wedding shoot in Mt. Pinatubo might just be up your alley!


11. On the road

Photo: Nice Print Photography | Engagement Shoot: Laid-Back Love

If you want something different, you can go on a road trip. Pack some food and blankets, and you’re pretty much set. Plus, you’ll be able to get varied shots in different locations too.


12. Meteora Tagaytay

Photo: Marlon Capuyan | Engagement Shoot: Sweet and Sound

There are lots of places in Meteora where you can strike a pose. They have great indoor details, and an open rooftop with a view of Taal Lake.


13. By the river

Photo: Jaja Samaniego | Engagement Shoot: A Hiking Engagement Shoot in Rizal

Here’s another example of how stunning nature looks. Don’t worry about nature overpowering you. Trust us, it will only add to the beauty of your photos.


14. Two Gardens Tagaytay

Photo: Nice Print Photography | Celebrity Engagement Shoot: Bangs Garcia and Lloyd Bichmore Pre-Wedding Shoot

The landscaped gardens in this beautiful place in Tagaytay is another option for an outdoor garden engagement shoot.


15. Villa Nonita Tagaytay

Photo: Bryan Venancio | Engagement Shoot: A Tagaytay Engagement Shoot in a Greek-Inspired Villa

Here’s another place you can go to for some Greek-inspired backdrops. And did I mention that it has a beautiful view too?


16. Ilocos

Photo: Benjie Tiongco | Celebrity Engagement Shoot: Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas Pre-Wedding Shoot

Ilocos is another local gem that is perfect for any engagement shoot. Can you believe that our country has so many beautiful places like this?


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