Before You Book That Ballroom

While looking for a reception venue is one of the major things to tick off of your wedding preparations list, it’s also one of the hardest decisions to make. There are certain questions you need to ask yourself before booking a venue to really be sure you’ve chosen the right place.

We have to say that one of our favorite indoor venues just has to be a ballroom. It’s spacious, grand, and will make you feel like a princess on your big day… and who doesn’t want that, right?! So if you’ve already decided that you want your reception to be in a ballroom (or are still considering other options), here are a few things you can ask yourself just to make sure you’ve got everything covered.


1. Does the ballroom’s aesthetic match your theme and personal taste?

Of course how the venue looks is important! The design and whether it will go with your theme is something you should definitely consider. A venue like The Bellevue Manila’s ballroom is both modern and classic. The beautiful geometric play of wood and ceiling wallpapers, matched with custom carpeting with a traditional design, makes it flexible for different wedding themes. Their new interior actually looks like a piece of art and gives off a vibe of elevated elegance.


2. Does the ballroom have lighting options and provisions for add-ons?

Besides lighting for your guests to see you, check whether you have any special lighting needs for maybe a reception performance or your first dance. Maybe you want a special spotlight or different colors? For example, in The Bellevue Manila’s ballroom, you can easily change the mood of the place by playing with the lighting colors. And just in case you want to add just a little bit more, don’t worry, because they also have areas to hang lights and decor. How handy!


3. Can we extend our time in the venue in case we decide to party longer than expected?

Don’t forget to check how long you can extend, and how much it will cost! A plus about The Bellevue Manila’s ballroom is that it’s soundproof, so you can party all night without having to worry about disturbing anyone else. And instead of having to head home that night, your guests can of course consider booking a room instead (the hotel has 456 rooms available for you and your guests). How convenient is that?


4. Where can I show my SDE and photos? Do I need a projector?

When we go to weddings, we almost always look forward to the photos and SDE. Don’t you? It’s something a lot of couples are very particular about because they want to make sure they get the right photographer and videographer for the wedding to capture their most special day. And it’s only fitting that these photos and video are shown in the best way possible! Did you know that The Bellevue Manila was the first hotel in the Philippines to install LED screens inside a ballroom? Now, they have three massive LED screens available for the whole ballroom, one for each section in case you decide to reserve just a third of it. Convenient, right? Now your SDEs and photo videos will look 100 times better!


5. What are the other features of your venue?

There’s a big chance your venue has something you missed out on or didn’t even know existed, so let them fill you in on the other deets. The Bellevue Manila’s ballroom actually has a car entrance, and can fit 750 people. And just in case you decide to go for a more intimate wedding, you also have the option to divide the ballroom into three smaller sections, just enough to fit your guests and comfortably dance the night away.


So, are you ready to book your ballroom? We know you’ll choose the perfect one!

To learn more about The Bellevue Manila‘s ballroom, you may contact the hotel at (02) 771 8181.


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