You’ll Love Taking Photos with These Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Surrounded by loved ones and all-around great vibes, who wouldn’t want to commemorate the good times with photos and memorabilia? One way for you and your guests to capture the most unforgettable wedding day souvenir photos is by setting up picture-worthy backdrops at your venue. From arches, flower walls, and neon signs, there are so many options you can consider for your special day. We rounded up a few photo backdrops from real weddings to give you ideas! Keep reading.

You'll Love Taking Photos with These Wedding Backdrop Ideas

A Giant Polaroid Frame

A fun way to recreate the usual polaroid film shots is by having its frame as a backdrop! You can even put your names and the date of your wedding on the bottom part for a personalized touch. The guests will definitely enjoy taking photos with it!

Photographer: Vhince Chiu Photo / Real Weddings: There’s Something Refreshing About This Classy Rustic Wedding!

A Geometric Arch with a Boho Touch

There’s a reason why we keep seeing these shapes at events recently. It’s modern, minimal, and stylish—something that you’ll notice many people consider as aesthetically pleasing nowadays. What’s nice about it is that you can play with different colors that go with your theme.

Photographer: Ed Millard Photography and Mayo Dos / Real Weddings: This Bride Made Her Own Bouquet and Styled the Wedding Reception!

Glowing Neon Signage

For a personal touch to your backdrop, add a neon signage of your names or a short phrase that speaks about you as a couple. It’s also a nice way to let your guests be reminded of your special day.

Photographer: Nice Print Photo / Real Weddings: This Bride and Her Daughter Are Twinning in Their Matching Gowns!

A Minimalist Floral Arch

If you’re having a minimalist wedding, then this simple white floral arch will look so breathtaking as a photo backdrop! This classic design will never get old.

Photographer: Atlas Studios / Real Weddings: This Bride and Her Tribe Looked Graceful in Their White Tulle Dresses

A Triangle Arch 

A triangle arch gives a modern vibe, and it’s quite versatile as well. For example, adding pieces of flowers will transform it into a chic boho themed backdrop. You can even consider different materials for the actual arch such as wood or metal.

Photographer: Nyaman Photography / Real Weddings: Sherak and Debrah, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Album

A Wall of Vibrant Flowers

Who wouldn’t love a wall that’s decorated with vibrant flowers?! This photo shows a tropical-themed wedding, and it gives such a happy feeling! You and your guests will enjoy taking photos with these lovely blooms.

Photographer: Pat Dy / Real Weddings: This Wedding’s Styling Exudes Vibrant Tropical Feels

Hand-painted Cloth 

If you want to go for a rustic and homey vibe consider having a hand-painted cloth, such as this, as your wedding backdrop. This photo shows how simple yet beautiful this backdrop is!

Photographer: ProudRad / Real Weddings: This Rustic Wedding Exudes Warmth, Comfort, and a Feeling of Home
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