Team Indoor Venue or Team Outdoor Venue: Let’s Talk About the Pros and Cons!

Choosing between an indoor or outdoor venue is a common wedding planning dilemma. It’s quite a crucial decision, too, as this affects many aspects such as the kind of attire suited for the venue, the styling of the venue, your theme, logistics… Need I say more?

The pros and cons of indoor and outdoor venues are definitely something to think about before you finalize your decision. So, we collaborated with Gallio Events Hall to help you get a few steps closer to making a choice. Will you be on Team Indoor Venue or Team Outdoor Venue? Let’s discuss!

Team Indoor Venue or Team Outdoor Venue: Let's Talk About the Pros and Cons!

Indoor Wedding Venues
Think hotel ballrooms, event halls, function rooms, restaurants, and spaces with either low or high ceilings. Indoor venues can accommodate a range of guest capacity whether as intimate as 50 or as grand as 1000.


You Can Design and Personalize the Space.  Think of an indoor venue as a blank canvas with many ways for you to execute your dream wedding. Let’s take Gallio Events Hall as an example. This venue in the Manila Bay area houses three grand event halls (Narra, Acacia, and Talisay) and three function rooms (Banaba, Katmon, and Mahogany), which means you have options depending on the size of your guest list. You can also opt to combine all three event halls or all three function rooms to accommodate a larger crowd and bigger setup. And with the neutral colors plus sleek architecture of the interiors, there’s so much room to design these spaces in any way you like.

Acacia Hall | Capacity: 300 to 550 pax (varies per table setup)

You Won’t Have to Worry About Sudden Rain. You won’t have to think about completely transferring your celebration to another venue in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. For utmost ease and comfort, you’ll also appreciate venues like Gallio Events Hall with its private lounge where you can take a breather, clean and elegant restrooms, and a beautiful lobby to welcome guests.

Narra Hall | Capacity: 500 to 850 pax (varies per table setup)

Your Logistics Are More Convenient. Much like how you and your guests will be safe from a downpour, so will your tables and chairs, sounds and lighting equipment, and buffet tables. Also, it will be easier to fix all the furniture, linens, and food without worrying about the wind blowing anything away or bugs flying around.

Function Rooms | Capacity: 50 pax per function room


You Won’t Necessarily Have Scenic Views. Indoor venues are surrounded by four walls and a ceiling, so you’ll have to be okay with not having starlit views. This also means that you may need to invest in styling and decorations even more to jazz up your indoor venue.

Your Space May Be Limited. Expect that indoor venues will have a maximum seating capacity, and you may need to account for enough allowance so your guests and suppliers can easily maneuver around the space.

You Might Have to Race Against More Couples for Bookings. The weather can easily switch from sunshine to Signal No. 1, 2, or 3 in the Philippines, so it’s understandable why a lot of couples prefer indoor venues. This means more competition. You might want to get a very early head start or you may need to be willing to move your wedding date.


Outdoor Wedding Venues
Think of gardens, beaches, roof decks, or anywhere you can be surrounded by nature, fresh air, and a starry sky.

You’ll Have Beautiful Photoshoot Options. With a beautiful setting and so much natural lighting, your photos will instantly look amazing in an outdoor venue. Places like the Courtyard Garden and Azotea of Gallio Events Hall also give you the chance to have a waterfall as part of your decor and the colors of sunset as your lighting!

Courtyard Garden

You’ll Have Wide Open Space.  No walls, no doors, no pillars. You may be able to maximize the whole place, and still make sure all guests are comfortably seated. Gallio Events Hall’s outdoor event areas are also versatile and spacious enough to host your ceremony and cocktail hour.

You’ll Have an Easy Time Styling the Space. All you have to do is match or complement the vibe and look of the place. If you’re surrounded by greenery, then you can immediately consider a rustic theme or even a clean and minimalist aesthetic to highlight the beauty of the venue.


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You’ll Worry About the Weather and Environment. This one is obvious. And it’s not just rain you’ll need to worry about. It’s also the heat! Formal wear, makeup, and heat, don’t typically make a great combo. You’ll have to find ways to make sure you and your guests remain comfortable throughout your whole wedding day

You’ll Definitely Need Backup Plans. In relation to unexpected weather, having an outdoor venue also means you’ll need a backup plan like moving your celebration indoors in the event of rain. You may also want to plan ahead by renting a tent and portable airconditioners.

You’ll Be Limited to Attire and Decor That Are Appropriate for the Space. For some couples, on the other hand, the natural setting might just restrict your creativity or limit your options for themes. That’s because you’ll want to go for a look that suits the ambiance. You may need to specify appropriate attire, too, so your guests won’t have a hard time walking on not so smooth ground and being outdoors.


Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Venues
Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The great thing about wedding venues nowadays are the options! For any kind of wedding you are planning, you have the opportunity to choose both indoor and outdoor at a venue like Gallio Events Hall.

You Can Have an Indoor-Outdoor Program. Gallio Events Hall is strategically located within the vicinity of churches such as the Manila Cathedral and St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori, just to name a few. So, you can choose to have an indoor ceremony at a nearby church and an outdoor reception at Gallio Events Hall’s garden or roof deck. Or the opposite! You can exchange your vows surrounded by natural light and greenery, and then party away in one of the grand halls.

Talisay Hall | Capacity: 200 to 350 pax (varies per table setup)

You Can Enjoy Flexible Offers. Whether you go for either indoor, outdoor, or a mix of both, you can count on Gallio Events Hall to give you a smooth wedding planning experience that suits your needs, budget, and preferences. Not to mention, Gallio Events Hall is easily accessible via major roads like Roxas Boulevard, Diokno Boulevard, Asean Avenue, Pres. D. Macapagal Boulevard, and NAIA Expressway. And it’s also near luxury hotels such as Conrad, Okada Manila, Solaire, City of Dreams Manila, etc. In other words, you’re going to enjoy so much convenience as well!

Main Lobby

You Can Personalize Your Wedding Even More. We’re not just talking about decorations! You can customize the whole wedding experience to make your day so much more memorable for you and your guests. Plan a fun cocktail hour in the garden to get your guests ready for the main reception. Or how about having an after-party under the night sky with a view of the city? With an indoor-outdoor wedding, there are many possibilities.

So, what do you think? Are you team indoor, team outdoor, or a mix of both?

When you’re still not sure, go on and visit Gallio Events Hall to see all of your options in one place! Inquire and book your ocular now! You can send an email to, call +63 88-GALLIO (425546), follow Gallio Events Hall on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

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