Here Are Lighting Ideas That Will Set the Mood for Your Wedding

There are many possible ways to decorate your venue and really bring out the theme you’re going for. But there is one important detail that can significantly set the mood for your wedding — the lighting! Lighting makes a huge difference even if you have minimal decorative elements. It can make your venue feel more romantic, dreamy, warm, and more, depending on how you use it. What are these types of lighting, you may ask?  Here are five examples of lighting ideas from real weddings to help you light up your big day. Keep reading!

Here Are Lighting Ideas That Will Set the Mood for Your Wedding

Light Bulbs

These string light bulbs give a cozy atmosphere with its industrial feature. They’re a great choice for your wedding venue, especially when you prefer something that is simple yet stylish. You’ll also love that dramatic feel from the warm lighting.

Photographer: The Daydreamer Studios / Real Weddings: This Couple Held an Intimate Wedding in Their Very Own Garden
Photographer: Mico Studios / Real Wedding: A Chic Minimalist Wedding That Reflects The Couple’s Chill Personality

Candle Setup 

For an even more romantic vibe, go ahead and light candles on the tables. What’s nice about candles is that you can arrange them however you want, and there are just so many ways you can do it. Whether you’re putting them inside a clear vase or small glasses, they will simply touch up the whole place.

Photographer: Louie See Photo, Aviegail Landicho, Louis Anthony Duran, and Mico Studios / Real Weddings: This Couple Trekked a Mountain for the Elopement of Their Dreams!
Photographer: Nice Print Photo / Real Weddings: This Bride and Her Daughter Are Twinning in Their Matching Gowns!

Crystal Chandeliers

There’s nothing like a grand wedding with extravagant crystal chandeliers to brighten up the entire venue! If an opulent atmosphere is what you’re looking for, an eye-catching lighting installation surely is a factor you’d want to consider.

Photographer: Nice Print Photo / Real Weddings: This Fairytale-like Wedding Took Place Under a 300-Year-Old Tree
Photographer: Ikigai Studio by Myio / Real Weddings: Joseph and Victoria, Bride and Breakfast Facebook Album

Fairy Lights

Almost similar to the string light bulbs, fairy lights create such a dreamy ambience in your venue. They’re like little stars that glimmer at night, and they also look homey at the same time. See how they shine so bright under the night sky, beautiful right?

Photographer: Pleiocene Pictures / Real Weddings: This LDR Couple Tied the Knot in a Chic All-White Wedding
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego / Real Weddings: This Bride Knows How to Dress Up in Style for a Beach Wedding!

Rattan and Capiz Lights

You can also go festive by installing unique light fixtures that fit your wedding theme! See for example these rattan lights and capiz shell chandeliers, they touch up the whole venue with their distinctive beauty.

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