Here Are Thank You Card Templates You Can Use After Your Wedding!

Your wedding celebration doesn’t end with unwrapping gifts. There are a few more things to accomplish on your post-wedding to-do list, and that is the Thank You cards! If you wish to express your gratitude to your guests, especially those who took the time and effort to pitch in for your wedding or buy you […]

7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Entourage and Wedding Guests Feel Appreciated!

A wedding is a milestone you’ll remember for a lifetime, and a big part of the reason why it brims with happiness is the people you choose to spend that special day with. Your family and friends show up because they want nothing more than to show you how much you are loved. So, here […]

How You Can Say No: The Wedding Edition

Weddings are like a euphoric series of yeses. From saying yes at the proposal to saying I do at the altar, it may seem like yes is the only acceptable answer when it come to weddings, but trust us, there’s always room for saying no, too! Especially now that there’s a pandemic to think about, […]

Wedding Guest 101: Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Do at Weddings!

Weddings are a once in a lifetime milestone celebrating the love of a happy couple in the presence of their most loved ones. A uniquely designed bridal gown, genuine and heartfelt wedding vows, and incredibly stunning styling—these are just a few of the things that can make a wedding more memorable. Another less desirable way […]

Gift Giving Etiquette in the Time of Virtual Weddings

Wedding etiquette has been quite confusing to navigate these days with the emergence of virtual weddings or events through video conferences. Should we still dress up? Should we keep our cameras on? The list of questions looks endless and probably at the top of all these is: Should I still give a gift for a […]